Monday, March 26, 2018

A Drinking Glass That's Good for You and Our Planet

    I'm diligently scouring the web for quality gift ideas for various occasions. Father's Day will be here before you know it and this year, my hubby will be getting a High Boron, Double Glass Drinking Cup. It's good for him, and for our planet, which is a win win for us all!

A Drinking Glass That's Good for You and Our Planet

    If your conscientious about our planet, then I'm sure you you already use reusable cups and bottles. I recently discovered how amazing Borosilicate glass is, and I think you should too!

    This type of glass contains boron trioxide. Basically speaking it's a safer glass to use in your everyday life. Because of the low coefficient of thermal expansion, it responds well to either heat or cold. A glass such as the High Boron Double Glass can be used to steep tea or coffee, or to keep drinks icy cold. All without affecting the integrity of the glass.

But How Does Borosilicate Glass Help Our Planet?

    First of all, by using reusable glasses and bottles, you're keeping garbage out of our landfills. But you're not just reducing your carbon footprint. Borosilicate glass keeps out harmful chemicals and reduces the degradation of the glass itself.

    That means when you're drinking a hot drink from it, dangerous chemicals aren't leeching into your beverage. Have you ever drank from a plastic or metal cup and tasted it? That's the junk it's made from creeping into your beverage. Plastic bottles and cups, and even many other glass drink ware releases chemicals into your drinks. You won't have to worry about that with your Borosilicate drink ware.

So whether your dad, hubby or significant other drinks a lot of coffee, tea, or even a nice cold beer, they will love this High Boron Double Glass Drinking Cup.

    It's designed to keep hot liquids warmer longer. And it will also help keep cold drinks cool for longer, thanks to the double wall design. My husband loves his, and it's his go to cup in the cupboard! 

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