Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Staycation Autism Style

     We're sick of winter! Feeling cooped up because of sub zero temps is getting old. So we decided to take a little staycation.

Staycation Autism Style

    As autism parents, we know autism doesn't take a vacation. But that's okay. We're accustomed to this lifestyle. However, if you're looking to break up the monotony of the mundane parts of life that we do have control over, then I suggest a staycation.

    Choose a family friendly hotel not far from home, prepare your kiddo, pack some bags and get ready to relax. Well kind of....because we know our kids are always go, go, go!

Best Western Fun

     We chose the Best Western Grand Victorian Inn in Sayre Pa. We've stayed there before for mini staycations and we know it's a great place for families.

    First and foremost the rooms are spotless. I'm picky when it comes to a hotel room, but my autie has worse OCD than I do, so he's even more picky. Liam even went so far as to combing the room with a black light. (I kid you not!) And he gives their rooms "two thumbs up!" Our housekeeper Tammie certainly rocks at her job!

Shout out to Tammie! You rock!!

    Also, let me add that the rooms are virtually sound proof. You can NOT hear your neighbors which is great for two reasons. One being our kids tend to be very loud and not get "inside voice." The other being when they need a sensory escape, the room is quiet so they can chill.

Pick One with a Pool

    Autistics are drawn to water. It calls to us and soothes us in ways that not many other things can. So when we're choosing a place to stay, a pool is a must. The Best Western we chose happens to have an indoor, heated pool, which is necessary in frigid Northeastern Pa. 

As you can see, a lot of time was spent in the pool! Even some toys came along for their autism line up.

    Bonus, it even has a jacuzzi! Holy relaxation! Play in the pool, then chill in the jacuzzi. Repeat. All day! It was just what we needed to spice up the mundane days of winter!

Free Breakfast? Yes please!

    The Best Western Grand Victorian (and all of their other hotels,) offer a free breakfast buffet. Autistics are prone to picky eating, but their buffet has so many options, that it isn't a problem. I wish I had thought to get some pictures, but Liam's plates (more than one because food doesn't touch,) were full! He chose two mini boxes of cereal (they had many of his favorites,) a cinnamon doughnut, and even a "sour" (granny smith) apple.

    I had a Belgian waffle I made myself with some yummy toppings, it was amazing! Even my picky hubby had a large plate of fluffy scrambled eggs, sausage and an English muffin. That wasn't even all of the food they had to offer!

image via Trip Advisor

Good TV's (per Liam)

    Liam goes nowhere without his Xbox One. Thankfully The Best Western has "good tv's." He knew he could take his precious gaming system and actually be able to use it. Plus, it gave us a little break when our skin couldn't possibly prune up any more from the pool and hot tub! (Liam insisted I let you all know about how great their tv's are!)

Friendly Staff

    The staff was fantastic as well. They were so friendly and welcoming. Always smiling when we would pass them at the front desk, pool desk, or in the halls. This was huge for me. It seems that lately so many people are miserable which is a real downer. I loved being surrounded by others that were in a happy mood!

Thank You Best Western!

    We had a great time, and even though we rushed home to avoid winter storm Liam, we are more relaxed and rejuvenated. So what are YOU waiting for? Take a staycation! Just be prepared to spend a lot of time in the pool! :)

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