Thursday, February 15, 2018

Spring Clean Your Mouth With Ease

    Spring is right around the corner, which means that spring cleaning is too. As an autism mom, I know my son's mouth isn't as clean as Id like it to be, or even as it should be. That is until I discovered these nifty new toothbrushes.

Spring Clean Your Mouth With Ease

  So many of our kids struggle with brushing their teeth. The feel of the brushes, the taste of the toothpaste, and more, can all be sensory triggers. This means that when we can get them to brush those teeth, it has to be done thoroughly. The Care + Me three sided toothbrushes are designed to get the entire tooth and gum in one pass, which means a deeper clean for your kids teeth, in a shorter amount of time.

The Care + Me three sided toothbrush is clinically proven to be safe and effective. This brush will remove plaque right at the gum line so teeth and gums are healthy!You can even adjust the bristles with warm or cold water! They're specifically geared towards autistics and those with special needs.

  • Is the best choice for those who are overly sensitive.
  • It has soft, flexible and gentle bristles which enables your children to brush their teeth in a more comfortable way.
  • This Toothbrush surrounds all 3 sides of the teeth at once, shortens tooth-brushing time
  • It gives efficient dental care.

What Liam Thinks

  I'm not going to lie, getting Liam to brush his teeth could be compared to getting a wild lion to let you snuggle it. It's dangerous, and even if it does happen, the outcome could be dicey. He does get cleanings every 4 months, and per his dentist, if he can at least brush WITHOUT toothpaste, then that is good enough. (His dentist gets it because his niece is on the spectrum too.)

    So imagine my happiness when I found a toothbrush that would work so well, with or without the use of paste. (We have only found ONE kind of toothpaste he can tolerate and even then it's only once in awhile because he gags.)

    I contacted Bright Autism about their three sided brushes, and they sent two right out to my Beans. I was so excited to see his reaction. When they came he was instantly intrigued by the bristles. He kept running them over his fingers so I knew that he liked the feel of them. Which meant getting him to use it would be easier.

And It Was!

    He was eager to try them out and has been successfully brushing his teeth (sans toothpaste) twice a day. This is huge! Getting him to brush once a day was a rarity, so twice a day just blows me away.

Bright Autism Has So Much More

    Not only does Bright Autism have the Care + Me Three Sided Toothbrush, but they have a full selection of other autism products. From sensory toys, to developmental toys, and even jewelry. Don't take my word for it, head to their website and check out Bright Autism.

Be sure to follow Bright Autism on Facebook and Twitter too! 

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