Sunday, February 25, 2018

Help Your Special Needs Child Fall Asleep Faster

    If you're part of the Autism community or even the special needs one in general, then you know the struggle of getting a good night's sleep. That's because getting our children to sleep is about as easy catching a fly with chopsticks. (I see you Mr. Miyagi!) Enter the Sleep Zzz Pillow. I'm so excited to tell you about this!

Help Your Special Needs Child Fall Asleep Faster

    Liam rarely sleeps. So when he finally does catch those elusive z's he does so in whatever position he was in. That means when I check on him, he's most often sitting up, or has his neck in some awkward position. It's not for lack of pillows. He has tons of them in every shape and every size. It's usually because he refuses to lay his head on one, but rather have them placed strategically around him.
     Then he got a Sleep Zzz Pillow. As soon as he saw it his first remark was, "Mama! It's a pillow that will hug me! Just like when I slept with you!"

    Liam co-slept for years. He went from in a bassinet next to me, to one in my bed, to in my bed, then to a bed in my room. He finally sleeps in the living room without one of us for most nights, but still refuses to sleep in his bedroom. Liam likes to feel cocooned so I knew the Sleep Zzz Pillow was going to be a hit.

First night we got his Sleep Zzz Pillow: Me: Liam check it out! Liam: Oohh nice! Ten minutes later thanks to Sleep Zzz and Melatonin, he was OUT!

U Shaped, its Like it Has Arms

    I love the U shape of the pillow. (Or the horseshoe shape as Liam calls it.) The center is wider for the head, and the "arms" cradle your child. Or they can lay their head on the sides too. It's very comfy, but firm enough to give them proper support.

    I'm not going to lie. I wanted to try it myself. It was with great reluctance that Liam let mama try it out. But he did, and let me tell you! BEST NIGHT OF SLEEP I'VE HAD IN MONTHS! I kid you not!

The Sleep Zzz Pillow also doubles as a FANTASTIC Crochet pillow ;)

"Mama! It Has a Pocket!"

    Okay, so not really. What he thought was a pocket is actually where the super soft case goes over the Sleep Zzz Pillow. That means it can be removed and washed. Which is a good thing because kids are walking messes and germ factories. (Admit it. You know I'm right!)

    However, square pegs like my son (and actually myself,) think the opening makes for a great pocket. And so he stuffed his iPod and headphones in there. Whatever floats his boat!

We Love the Sleep Zzz Pillow

    Liam and I are both in love with his Sleep Zzz Pillow. I adore it so much, that I put one on my birthday wish list. (Hint hint husband!!) We know you will love it too, so head to their website, and check them out! They come in both child and adult sizes, and with different colored cases, so you're sure to find one that you'll love.

Also, follow them on Facebook and Instagram too!

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