Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Put More Than Candy in Their Easter Baskets

    Spring is coming! I know this not because of the calendar, but because one days it's seventy degrees, and the next it snows. Oh and the mud. ALL OF THE MUD! I digress. With Spring comes Easter, and I don't know about you, but I don't like filling my son's basket with candy. And frankly neither does E.B. (We're good friends, he and I.) So how about some fun, disguised as learning?

Put More Than Candy in Their Easter Baskets

    Craft City has the coolest kits that both you and your children are going to love! Karina Garcia is my new jam! Seriously, I think we could be soul sisters. (Heyyyy Karina!) Her kits are amazing, and she actually creates every kit herself! They will not only give your kids hours of fun, but in the process, they're learning. (And they're going to love it by the way!)

Slime For Days

    If you're the parent of a tween or teen, I'm willing to bet you hear A LOT about slime. As a special needs mama, we use slime as a sensory tool too, so when we saw the Craft City Make-Your-Own Slime Kit we knew we had to have it!

    Liam's bud, the UPS man brought his yesterday and within five minutes we were making slime. Glow in the dark slime to be precise. The ingredients are kid friendly and safe, so there's no worries of your eight and up kids using the ingredients. It's super easy too so with a little supervision, your children will be creating some really cool slime!

Please ignore our messy craft table! Tons of projects have left their mark here. ;)

    By following the recipes in the kit, your child will be doing hands on STEM learning. From measuring, to adding, and more. This kit is a science lesson disguised as fun! Check out Liam making his batch of glow in the dark slime.

Make-Your-Own Bath Bombs Kit

    When Liam took this kit out of the box he was grinning from ear to ear. He loves making bath bombs with me, and was even happier to have his very own kit. Geared towards kids eight and up, they can craft a few of their own bath bombs, then drop them in the tub and relax. Another STEM lesson conveniently disguised as crafty fun for kids.

Everything your son or daughter needs to create their very own bath bombs! They even included gems to hide inside the bomb.

My Child Needs These in Their Life!

    I know by now you're chomping at the bit. "Spill it Court, and tell us where we can get these!" Well you're in luck, you can head to your local Target and pick them up. While you're there, check out the Craft City Make-Your-Own Lip Kit. If you don't like being "peopley" then order them online and wait for your UPS guy or gal to deliver you and your kids some fun.

 You can check out Craft City on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube too!

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