Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday Fun for Family Game Night

    In our house Friday is Family Game Night. (We also have other game nights, like if we visit my parents or something, but Friday is ALWAYS game night!) Recently we got a bunch of fun new games from Goliath Games. We want to share them with you and hope you'll join in on the fun, and our Friday Family Game Nights.

Friday Fun for Family Game Night

    Goliath Games sent us four new games, and my son was so excited. When FedEx dropped off a giant box he was flapping for all he was worth! He opened the box and screeched because he saw what was inside. Waiting for him was Pop the Pig, Giggle Wiggle, Jumping Jack, and Build or Boom. Let's break each one down, because they're all amazing!

Jumping Jack is Perfect for Easter or Any Time!

    When Liam first saw Jumping Jack he said, "Look mom! An Easter Bunny game!" This game is adorable. Basically it's a little bunny that could hop off at any time! Each player gets a basket, and you put all of the carrots in the base. On their turn, the player spins, then removes the number of carrots as directed on the spinner. But beware, Jack is waiting to hop off and make your kids giggle! Here's Jumping Jack in action:

(Their reactions were so cute and funny, that I compiled a bunch of them to share. They played Jumping Jack for about an hour, and I could have kept going with the giggles I recorded!)

Pop the Pig

    One of Liam's BFF's big O came up to try out these new Goliath Games. Pop the Pig was his choice to play because he has it at his grandma's. The kids really enjoyed seeing how my the pig could "eat." This one is perfect for kids about four and up. It helps to teach them numbers and counting. As a mom, I love how all of the game pieces fit right inside the pig for easy storage. It also helps minimize the chance of them getting lost. Let's take a look at the boys stuffing the piggy!

Giggle Wiggle

    Okay, so this game is adorable. But more importantly, as a special needs mom, I think it's amazing at working those fine motor skills. If you have a child that struggle with their motor skills, then Giggle Wiggle will be a great addition to your home. (If you work as a therapist then it would be a great tool for your clinic too!) 

     Each player gets a set of marbles and chooses one area of arms to use. You turn on the worm, and the kids have to race to be the first to get all of their colored marbles onto their set of arms. But beware, the worm spins and wiggles! If your marble falls off, you have to pick it up and put it back on. Kids have a blast, and I loved knowing my son was working on his fine motor skills. Let's see it in action:

Build or Boom

    This STEM game helps build analytical thinking and shape recognition. Kids will have fun playing, but you'll feel good knowing their working on expanding much needed skills. 

    The boss is looking for the best and fastest builder. Builders compete by following the blueprint and creating the building. But be careful! When the boom goes off, will your building collapse, or hold up?

Here's a video of Build or Boom in action from Goliath Games:

Grab Some Games, and Join Us for Friday Family Game Night

    These just a few of the fantastic games that you'll find at Goliath Games. They have games for kids and families alike. So head to their website, grab some games, and take part in our tradition of Friday Family Game Night. It's a great way to bond as a family, and have fun, while leaving the stressors or life behind for a bit.

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