Friday, February 16, 2018

A Shot of Natural Moisture for Your Lips

     This is the time of year that my skin is the driest. We're at the tail end of Winter and its wreaking havoc on me! I just got some BALMSHOT for my lips, and I'm in love! You guys have to try this!

A Shot of Natural Moisture for Your Lips

    BALMSHOT is the only lip balm on the market that comes in an actual shotgun shell. But don't worry, it's loaded with lip balm, not buckshot! The design is not only appealing, but it also keeps the balm from twisting in your pocket or purse and making a nasty mess.

    Okay, so I'm going to be honest here. BALMSHOT caught my eye because it's lip balm in a shotgun shell. How cool is that? I knew my son and husband would love the presentation of it too. (As well as my sister and her hubby!) As a family of hunters, these lip balms are perfect for us.

    Then I read the ingredients. First of all, I can pronounce them. Secondly, their all natural and safe for your entire family. Made from Beeswax, they're also 15 SPF so they'll protect your lips from the damaging rays of the sun. (This is important for me, because my husband has already had one run in with pesky skin cancer.)

    BALMSHOT even comes in an Organic option. Their Organic Pomegranate is USDA Certified Organic. It smells amazing, and happens to be my husband's favorite. 

Great for the Entire Family

    My entire family loves BALMSHOT. It comes in six flavors, and everyone eagerly claimed one for themselves. I took Raspberry, and my husband took the organic pomegranate. My son Liam chose the Classic one, because "it has a bear on it!" My brother in law called dibs on the Cool Mint one because he loves the ducks on it, and my sister claimed the vanilla mint with the pheasants. (They actually raise ducks, chickens, and pheasants on their farm.) 

    I also got another Vanilla Mint one in Pink Camo with deer on it. I gave this one to a very close family friend that has been battling breast cancer. A portion of the proceeds of their "pink" products actually goes to Mountain States Tumor Institute to help with mammograms and other Breast Cancer screenings.

I Need This! Tell Me Where I Can Get Some!

    To get your hands on some BALMSHOT lip balm, or some of their MINTYSHOT breath spray, then head to their website

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