Monday, January 29, 2018

PAWfect Gifts for Your Beloved FURiends

Our girls are spoiled just like our human kids. After all, they're a huge part of our family. So with Valentine's Day right around the corner, I thought I'd share some of our girls favorite treats.

  PAWfect Gifts for Your Beloved FURiends

    We have three special fur babies in our home. The eldest Josie has been Liam's best friend since he was just four years old. She's a little one, but full of sass and spunk. Then came Bayleigh. She's our german shepherd and though she was trained to be Liam's service dog, he didn't bond with her, and so she bonded with me. Then there's Clara. She's Liam's little girl. He waited outside in the pouring rain for three hours to rescue that feral and sickly kitten. Now's she's large and in charge, and runs the house! Because we love these furry beasts with all of our hearts, and because they're part of our family, they're spoiled just like the boys. When we need stuff for them, we head right to

    Not only are their prices awesome, but their customer service can't be beat. We always get our orders in 24 to 72 hours which is super fast compared to most places. My girls know a Chewy box when they see it and they're all over it.

Show Them How Much You Love Them 

    I just placed an order a few days ago because I needed flea treatments for all of them. (Even though it's winter, the fleas are still around!) So I ordered some special goodies for them in honor of Valentine's Day. (Plus it upped my order to free shipping ;) ) So let's talk about some of them.

Feline Fondness

    Liam chose two products for his daughter, and let me tell you, Clara is in love! First he chose PureBites for her. If you're not familiar with these, they're freeze dried snacks for your cat (or dog.) He picked the Shrimp ones for Clara. They're actually little dried shrimp and she goes nuts when she hears that bag! 

    He also got her a cute little toy from Petstages. (They have stuff for both your cats and dogs.) Their ORKAkat Wiggle Worm is not only cute, but it's perfect for little cats cutting teeth. So it said it's infused with catnip, which is another reason Liam chose it. Let me tell you, as soon as I opened it, you could smell the catnip. I was shocked! I've gotten catnip infused treats before, and never have they been great. This Wiggle Worm is awesome! (Also, it's quite inexpensive, which is another plus!)

Doggie Devotion

    My family has trusted Nylabone products for years. This past Christmas we introduced our girls to their newer line called Healthy Edibles. These bones are amazing! First of all, they're a much healthier and safe option compared to giving your dog a rawhide. Secondly, they're more like a real bone in taste (and for some, even appearance.) They're meant to be eaten so they're tasty and very digestible, but will also keep your fur babies busy for quite awhile. With a bunch of different sizes, you will find some for any dog in your home. They have flavors such as bacon, bison, venison, and more.

    I also got the girls some Redbarn Natural food rolls. My poor Josie has major allergies to almost everything, so we're working on tweeking her diet to help with her skin. That's how I found Redbarn. Their food rolls are made with all natural ingredients, with no added colors or harmful junk. The first and biggest ingredient is always meat. You can use the rolls as a complete meal, or even as a meal topper to get your dog to enjoy their dry kibble more. Both Josie and Bayleigh love this food, so I will be ordering more. and more

    As I said in the beginning, I got all of these goodies (and more,) from They're prices are amazing. You can also get all of these direct from the manufacturer, and since they're all fantastic products, I suggest you check out their other items. I will link their social media sources below, and their individual web pages are linked above with their names. So get shopping, and show your fur babies some love!

Redbarn Naturals

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