Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Fantastically Fun Family Game Night

    How many of you enjoy family game night? We definitely do, as well as many other families. But did you know that family game nights aren't just fun, but they're GOOD for your kids as well?

Fantastically Fun Family Game Night

    I grew up with family game nights, so of course I couldn't wait to pass that tradition down to my kids. I've always felt it was an important way to bond and have fun together. Then I found out that studies were done and game nights (as well as family dinners,) help your children learn, grow and develop better than those that don't partake in family game nights.

Can you guess the word? Let me help. "PARENTING IS OFTEN S---SS-UL" ;)

Give the Gift of Fun and Learning for Valentine's Day

    We give our kid small gifts for major holidays. It cuts down of giving them extra sugars, because let's face it, kids are hyper enough without added sugars! So why not give a gift for the entire family? Celebrate Valentine's Day with a gift, and share your love, while having fun! 

Discovery Toys

    I recently came across Discovery Toys. They have a huge selection of toys and games for every age, gender, and skill set. Whether you're a special needs family, or you're just looking for some fun, then look no further than Discovery Toys. (If you are an Autism or Special Needs family, then check out their toy guide.)

    I even connected with Tessa, whom is an education leader. She is not only wonderful, but can help you choose the perfect toy for your child. Do you need to fulfill a sensory need for your kid? Maybe you want them to work on their fine motor skills? Either way, Tessa and Discovery Toys can help.

    Since we're big into our family game nights, Tessa pointed out Discovery Toys new Word Flip. When we received it, I knew it was going to be a hit with Liam. To me it's like Scrabble and Hang Man in an easier way to play.

word flip

Word Flip is Super Fun!

    It really is. It's also easy to play! The object is to guess the word before other players. Each player rolls the two dice (included) and then you either add, subtract, multiply or divide them to get a number between 0 and 9. You then flip down that number (or you can flip down a combination of two numbers that you have rolled) to reveal a letter (or a blank depending on the length of the word.)

    The first person to guess the word gets the points of the remaining numbers that are left. When the word has been guessed correctly, flip up all of the numbers, then roll up that card and put it in the back to reveal the new word. Word Flip has over 300 hundreds words that will give players varying levels of difficulty.

Spelling, Fine Motor Skills, and More

    As a mom, I love toys and games that do more than just entertain, and Word Flip does much more than that! Playing this game will not only bring your family hours of fun, but it will help expand your children's vocabulary and spelling. Word Flip helps with strategic thinking, strengthens social skills, and helps kids visualize whole from parts. In my opinion it also works those pesky fine motor skills. Flipping the letters, rolling up the next card and even rolling the dice all help kids with their fine motor skills.

Liam saw this and said, "My mama is a ......" :)

So Much More

    Word Flip is just ONE example of the many toys and games that you will find at Discovery Toys. To see more, you have to head their website, or even contact Tessa

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