Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Cbd Is Helpful to Me, and Could Be for You Too!

    We've been using CBD for it's natural healing properties for a couple of years now. It's been super helpful to me, as well as my husband, and yes, even my son too! It could help you as well.

Cbd Is Helpful to Me, and Could Be for You Too!

    I use CBD to help relieve headaches, and to nip migraines in the bud. It also works wonders on my anxiety. As a matter of fact, I take it before I have to be "peopley" and it helps take the edge off of my social interactions with the public. Let's not forget that for some, (including me,) it helps relieve some chronic pain.

    My husband uses CBD to help ease some of his body pain associated with arthritis, and several broken bones, and surgical repairs. He also uses it to help shut his mind down to get a good night's sleep.

My husband loves these CBDEEZ Gummies

    For Liam, we give him CBD when his anxiety is too high. It helps him to calm down and be able to enjoy social experiences. We also use it to help quiet his brain when he's in a depressive cycle. 

   We all still rely on Western medicine to live our lives to the fullest, however, we always supplement with Eastern meds too. Think about it like this: Before Western medicines were created by scientists, people had to rely solely on Eastern treatments. So now that we have the best of both worlds, why not utilize them both?

Understanding CBD

    CBD IS NOT POT. It's a compound found in hemp and marijuana, however, unlike THC which is the most common element in "pot," CBD isn't psychoactive. Which means it doesn't make the user "high." As a matter of fact, most medicinal CBD comes from the least processed form of the cannabis plant, hemp.

    It's safe, and it's natural. Many people are using CBD for their entire family, much like us. We even use it for our pets, (as do many others!) It can help pet with anxiety and even arthritis pain too!

    It's legal. Since hemp itself is legal, (thanks to former President Obama and his Farm Bill in 2014,) so is CBD since it's naturally occurring in the hemp.

We Trust Cannabidiol Life for All of Our CBD Needs

    If you follow our story, I'm sure you've heard me speak of CBD before. Maybe you noticed our Cannabidiol Life widget on the blog. That's there because we know first hand that CBD can and does work wonders. We trust Cannabidiol Life because they offer quality products you can trust too. 

    They have CBD oils that can be dripped under your tongue, or safely vaped in your device. They even have disposable vape pens with CBD in them. If edibles are more your style, then have no fear, they have those too. You can even choose from capsules, topicals, concentrates, and more. For your pets they have you covered too. Cannabidiol Life has something to help every member of the family.


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