Monday, November 30, 2015

Sensory Stocking Stuffers 2015

    I did this last year and a lot of you said you appreciated it, so here we are again this year.

    I do NOT get paid by Dollar Tree for these posts. I DON'T get free swag either. I do this because money is tight for so many, and even if it's not, a bargain is still a bargain. Also, a lot of autism therapy stores sell very similar toys, and jack the prices right up. That's not fair. Not when you can go to your local Dollar Tree and find the same things.

    So here it is, 2015's list of Sensory Stocking Stuffers. 

Two Tone Bouncing Putty I myself can NEVER put this stuff down!

Batter Operate Flashing Light Stick 

Battery Operated Flashing Batons  these are dual sensory! tactile and sight in one toy. Liam loves them!

Super Putty 

Stretchy Oblong Novelty Balls Liam and I both love these things! Sometimes they have ones that light up too. Even better!

LED Water Filled Rubber Bouncing Balls  I could stare at these things for hours! I love the smell of them too!

Light Up Yo Yo Balls  I remember the first year Santa brought one of these to Liam. I drove poor pita nuts with it. He finally, very calmly said, "Hon, please put that thing down!"

Licensed Character Bubbles  Bubbles are always a big hit!

Small 2 Piece Metal Puzzle  These are a great fidget toy.

To find a Dollar Tree near you, visit their website.

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  1. Great list of Sensory Stocking Stuffers. All of them looks good and interesting but the Battery Operated Flashing Batons got me excited.