Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sans Costume Doesn't Mean Sans Money

    Yes we're poor but that's not why he wasn't wearing a costume.

    When i was a kid i can remember the kids in school that barely had a costume on, or ones that came with nothing. We were never rich, but we never went without a Halloween costume. As a kid, I can remember being so angry at those parents. In my immature mind, they were slighting their children.

    Now I'm a parent, and this year my son was the one without a costume. Not because we couldn't afford one. Not because I couldn't make him one. But because he didn't want one.

    With a child on the spectrum and SPD to boot, I now understand that maybe those kids were sans costume for another reason. Maybe they couldn't wear one, or maybe they didn't want to.

    Liam was adamant for the past month that he didn't want to dress up. I was conflicted. Childhood goes by so fast, I hate to see him miss out. Yet I hate to force to take part in something that he doesn't have to take part in. He was sick all week so we didn't talk about it much. Thursday, Friday and even Saturday morning, I kept asking if he was sure. Trick or treat was today fro. 2-4. At 1230 he finally decided he needed a costume. He took the werewolf mask we made the other day (fine motor fun is HUGE in this house) and he tore up some old clothes. He was a "transformed werewolf."

Liam and his mask. This is the only picture he would sit for.

   I was worried people would think we were too poor to do better. I was afraid people would think we didn't care. Then I realized what I don't care about is what other people think. He was happy and who was i to ruin that for him. And so he went out and trick or treated in some torn up clothes, with a brown mask. He only went to a handful of houses and he was done. But he was happy, and that's all that mattered.

    My point is, if u see a kid in no costume, or a makeshift costume, don't judge. You don't know that child's story. You don't know their parents. If they're happy, that's all that matters.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween.

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