Monday, November 24, 2014

Sensory Stocking Stuffer Ideas for a buck!

    If you read my letter to a Good Samaritan, then you know what our financial situation is. Let's face it, money is tight for everyone. We have to save it where we can.

    One way I do that is by shopping at our local Dollar Tree. I'm sure you all have one in your town. They have EVERYTHING! Am I right?

    What some people don't know is all the sensory stuff they have there. Okay, pet peeve of mine is places that sell "sensory items" for an arm and a leg when you can get the same thing, or something similar for next to nothing else where.

    So what I decided to do was to go online and collaborate a list of sensory items that would make great stocking stuffers for the seeker in your life.

**NOTE: My Dollar Tree actually has even more sensory items such a "floam" and pop toobs, but I couldn't find them on their web site. Also, not EVERY Dollar Tree has the same things, so products may vary in your store. You can order online, but the lowest quanity was 6 of each item**

Without further ado, here it is!

Check out all these AUSOME items! One thing I want to point out is Theraputty. That stuff is pricey! Why not buy some putty from the Dollar Tree, and add your own items to it for kids to manipulate?

Here's a break down with links to make this even easier for you.

    Spring Toy (Slinky)

Liam's favorite sensory item!

A toy to squeeze and a toy to smell ;)

Liam LOVES this stuff. I always have it on hand!

Also a favorite of Liam's

Who doesn't love play dough?

How cute are these guys?

So there ya have it. A ton of sensory fun for just a few bucks. Head to your local Dollar Tree and see what goodies you can find!

**Dollar Tree did NOT pay me for this post. I am just trying to help out other Special Needs Parents**


  1. I'm 100% with you, at the dollar tree you can buy a few of each to have them everywhere. The car, the house, school if they allow it and even your purse. This way you are never in a jam. I'm awful when it comes to prices, I have to find the cheapest. I'm so bad that my 9 yr old asd daughter us the same. She was out shopping with my mom and something was $5 and my daughter told her it was too pricey they could find it elsewhere cheaper. My mother called and asked what I did to her grand daughter Lol

  2. Now a days you have to look for lower prices :)