Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sentio Chews a Review

Kid Companions was super kind enough to send us one of their new Sentio CHEWS to try out and review. Liam was stoked to try it out.

Before I get into the meat of this review, let me share with you a bit about what a Sentio CHEW is.

Kid Companions Chewelry is a chewable necklace and wearable sensory tool for kiddos who like to fidget and chew. Sentio CHEWS are a new addition to the Chewelry family. They are:

FDA compliant, BPA, latex and metal free. SentioCHEWS are more durable than generic silicone chewables.

4 styles ~ Resilient soft rubber feel ~ Economical 1-part shapes ~ Breakaway paracord lanyards!

He took it right out of the package and put it on. He loved the color of the break away paracord lanyard. He also commented that he "loved the feel of it!" It does feel pretty cool. Very smooth and durable feeling.

So far, he has only taken it off to sleep, and as soon as he gets out of bed, he puts it right on. It has been in his mouth as much as it has been in his hands.

He chews it....

He fidgets (and flaps) with it :)

Liam is a VERY aggressive chewer, and has chewed through quite a few chewies in the past. I have yet to see ANY teeth marks or dental impression of any kind in his Sentio CHEW.

As a mother to a 7 year old boy, I like this chewy a lot. It's cute, but it doesn't stand out. Liam used to wear a chew tube on a lanyard, and many people thought it was a dog chew toy. (I kid you not.) The Sentio CHEW is as stylish as it is durable, and Liam loves the bright color of it. My point is, this chewy doesn't make him stand out when he's wearing it. It merely looks like a cute ice cream cone necklace.

The Sentio CHEW and Chewelry come in other cute designs as seen  below: 

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  1. This looks really cool, Courtney! Thank you for sharing. Nice review. :)

  2. Thanks Courtney for your review of our new chew necklaces we call SentioCHEWS. We appreciate you also mention our original sensory oral-motor tool, KidCompanions Chewelry that we have been selling since 2007. Folks at SentioLife Solutions, Ltd. were pleased to read that our new chewy/fidgets stood up to your son's chewing without leaving any teeth marks or indentation. Yeh! Happy Chewing, Liam!