Saturday, January 25, 2014

This is me....

I am just another face.... Just another person living with chronic pain. Many people don't get it. Many people think it's bull shit. I'm here to tell you, it's real. This is my life. This is me.

What did I do today to be in so much pain tonight? Normal housework. I did the dishes, cleaned the bathroom and did 3 loads of laundry. Doesn't seem like much does it? Tell that to my body. This is my face tonight:

I am fighting back tears even as I sit here and type.

It hurts to sit, to stand, to walk, to cry....

There are people who think that fibromyalgia and chronic pain is a joke. That it's fake. That we are using it as an excuse to be lazy. I know this. I have been told it many times. 

Do I look like I am faking it? Do you think I enjoy knowing that simple tasks such as housework, or a game of catch with my boy, will leave me chair ridden for at least a day or two??? Do you think this is the life I chose????

It's the life I was given. I won't back down, and I won't give up. I'll do what I do every other day. I will suck it up. I will wipe my tears, and I will keep on keeping on.

Not for me really, but for my son. Because he deserves more. Because he doesn't understand why mommy cries so much.


  1. Hi Court, I don't understand the different chronic pain syndromes, but that doesn't mean I think they are any less real. I wish you didn't hurt, or that a pill could make it better...that Liam only had to worry about his own troubles, and that your home life could be easier. Hoping for a cure, but proud of you for not backing down. You're a great Momma and your family is lucky to have you!!