Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Anon makes me laugh....

 So the last time I blogged was about the Liebster Award. (I know, I need to blog more, but time, and brain fog that make that impossible.) Anyway, so on that post, someone left my fave comment to date. If you want to read it, CLICK HERE.

 I seriously laughed over this comment. I mean, really? First of all, as someone kindly pointed out to me, what pic was this person trying to steal? I mean, in that post the only pic was the Liebster award one. Secondly this person didn't have the brass tacks enough to comment by name. They hid behind that glorious ANON label. Yet tried calling me out for having made my blog so you can't right click my pics.

 This idiot called me a few things. All of which I am not. Well, all but one. Overprotective. I'll own the shit out of that one! I am a helicopter mother from hell. I won't deny that. Liam is my only kid. I am bound to smother him. He is the kid I wasn't supposed to have. Of course I am going to hover over him. He is MY kid, and if I chose to make it so that his pics can't be right clicked and saved by anyone, that is MY choice.

 When I started blogging I started out without his name or face. After a bit Pita asked me why I was doing that. He thought that parents may relate more to seeing a real face behind the struggles and triumphs. So that is when I decided to share my little man with the world. However, as his mother, it is still my job to protect him. I don't share pics of him unless he is dressed. I don't share pics of him that I wouldn't want to world to see of me. Well, with the exception of swimming pics. No one wants to see me swimming.....

 As for pics/graphics I make. Yes, I have had issues with large pages stealing my pics. Using them for likes. Cropping my name off. I am the first to admit that. But that is NOT why I disabled the right click feature here. You see, on my Legion facebook page, I have control over who is one there. If you're an ass, or rub me the wrong way, bye bye, I ban you,. It's my page after all. However, here, I don't have that control. Anyone and their sicko brother can access this blog. Which is why I am over protective.

 I am guessing Anon isn't a parent. I am guessing anon is a pompous ass. I am thinking anon is one person I know,  in particular. I could sit and assume all day, but let's face it,  why? Who has time for that?  My freshman science teacher teacher said it best when he said, "assume makes an ASS out of U and ME." Amen Mr. Salsman <3

 So no assuming here. Just righteous protection of my greatest creation. My son. If you don't like, don't visit my blog. Oh, and don't vote for me. I won't lose tears over it anon :)

                                                                           ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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