Sunday, June 16, 2013

Holy Farter's Day....yes, I said Farter's day....

  Ugh! Yes, I am starting a post with ugh, because ugh is how I feel! Today has been one hell of a roller coaster ride. It's 6 pm and I am done. D-O-N-E done!!!! Why you ask?? Well let me tell you.....

  It all started yesterday. Well yesterday is what lead to today's crappy day. Yesterday was actually great. It was my nephew Z's 9th birthday party. He had a bowling party. I was stoked for that as Liam has been bugging to try his hand at bowling. All the kiddos had a blast. They were all so well behaved and their smiles were the best! It was truly a great afternoon! Liam managed to make it through the loud party with no issues. Only towards the end of the party, when we went into the private room for pizza and cake did he have an issue.
Rockin' this thing called bowling..... He learned that it's quite different than with a Wii :D

  He couldn't go sit with the other kids because the smell of the pizza was gagging him. (There was a slice at each seat) So he laid on the floor and counted his prize tickets. Aunt "nanny" came to the rescue and cleared the pizza away so Liam could sit by Z. He was very happy about that. He even gave his prize tickets to Z so  he could get a better prize, and no tears over it either! I was one proud mama! After the party we took him to McDonald's for his burger and he rested in the car for the hour drive home......

A little overwhelmed....

We no sooner pulled onto our road and he was trying to get out of the van to see his buddy J. J and Liam have grown very close over the past few months, and Liam couldn't wait to get home and see him. Must be J couldn't either because he was running next to the van and yelling for Liam.  We stopped and Liam got out and he asked Pita if Liam could go with him to the truck pulls. Pita said that was fine, but he was going too, so they could all go together. Knowing how loud they are and knowing we had already had a full day of shopping, then bowling, and over 2 hours in the van, I wanted Liam to come in for some down time. That was out of the question and apparently I was absurd for suggesting it! So he went outside and played with J until it was time to leave.

Just before they were to leave he started to bawl. He wanted to go. He didn't want to go. He wanted mama to go. He didn't want mama to go. Mama didn't want to go!!!! (this is how his behavior starts when he is overwhelmed and it inevitably escalates to become worse.) I wanted ALONE time! After a few minutes I calmed him down. Reassured him he was only going to be 5 minutes from me, but if he wanted too, he could stay home. (the pulls are in the field just up from our house.) He was okay with that, and decided to go,  so he grabbed his ear muffs and the camera, gave me a sloppy smooch and was off!

Liam gazing at his bud, lol.... note the camera and ear muffs at his hip...always "repaired." (how he says prepared.)

It was great! I watched some old Dark Shadows on Netflix, snugged my fur baby girl even dozed off. They got in around 11. Liam wanted to watch a few TMNT cartoons and he was out my midnight. 

This morning he no sooner got up and the tears were flowing. EVERYTHING set him off! When we made daddy his "bed meal" (breakfast in bed) He cried because I "made it wrong!" Then he cried because he forgot to sign the envelope to daddy's card. He cried because he had to clean his toys up in the living. He cried because he didn't want to walk back to his toy room. Getting the picture here? By 11 he was outside playing with J and Abs. And I was glad I didn't have to listen to his whining in my ear!

Now the fun started. By 2 pm we had broken up 5 arguments. Liam was whiny. Neighbor kids were being mouthy jerks. I had sent 2 kids home and told them not to come back. Liam and the other 2 kept playing. Except now Liam was being mean to his friends. I had had enough. I went out and told the kids he was over stimulated and needed to come in for a break. I told them when he was done he would come get them. The tears from Liam started to flow! Thinking fast, I bribed him, errrr rather I positively reinforced a sensory break by promising he and his friends could make smores tonight. It worked!!!! Wow, I can't believe it worked!!!

He came in, got some shake (chocolate milk) and got in his skweezr as well as covered himself with his weighted blanket. He was out in 10 minutes! He slept til 5 when I woke him up. I know this means a late night for mama. But I don't care. He is happy. He is smiling. He is playing with Abs and being nice. So it's worth a late night! :) 

So even though this day has really been crappy, it seems to be headed back in the right direction. (Knocking on some wood so I don't jinx my damn self!) 

I hope that all the daddy-o's, and mamas that are also daddy-o's had a great "Farter's" day. I hope it was better than pita's tear filled, scream filled day ;)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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