Sunday, May 12, 2013

What I WANT for Mother's open letter to my son.

    TRIGGER WARNING: If you have no sense of humor, STOP.READING.NOW....otherwise, carry on....

   I have thought long and hard what I want for "my big day." Now, I am an honest person. I speak what and how I feel when I feel it. So I'm writing this like it is.

   I love my son as much as any mother. He is my miracle. He is the child I was NEVER supposed to have. I cherish EVERYTHING he makes. Everything he draws. I save it ALL. I take pics of it all. I am a bit anal about it. That being said, I do NOT need anything craft wise from you Liam for Mother's Day. (not that I wouldn't cherish it (because I would) but I don't NEED it) Here is a list of what I NEED and what I WANT:

   ♥ I want someone to do the dishes. I don't dirty them all, and I am tired of washing them all.

   ♥ I want you to do the laundry. You dirty more laundry than anyone I know, therefore I think you could take some time, and learn how. You also throw a lot around the house, so while you're at it, pick it up.

   ♥ I want you to clean/feed/water Hudson. It's YOUR rat. Yet I always take care of him.

   ♥ I want you to change the litter box. It's YOUR cat, yet I care for her all the time.

   ♥ I want you to clean the bathroom. Your aim is horrible and I am tired of cleaning up pee. While you're at it, clean the bathroom mirror. You can't seem to brush your teeth without splattering it all over the mirror.

   ♥ Clean the living room. I have never seen someone be able to trash a room so quickly. I am tired of it looking like a hurricane hit. PLEASE clean up your mess, and KEEP it that way. (I know, I am dreaming.)

   ♥ I do NOT want breakfast in bed. I love you sweetie, but I have seen how you make "bed meals."  I don't like salt and pepper on my pb sandwiches. A cup of coffee and quiet time when I get up will be just fine.

   ♥ I want to take a nap. I want to be left alone when I do. Kiss me, close the door and walk away. If you need something, ask your father.

   ♥ For ONE day, I want to take a pee by myself. I don't want you pushing your way in because you forgot you had to pee until I had too. I don't want you banging on the door because you forgot you had to pee until I did. LEAVE. ME. ALONE......Peeing is private, let's leave it that way.

   ♥ I want to take a nice hot bath in peace and quiet. I don't want you banging on the door for me to close the curtain so you can come in to poop. I don't want you coming in with some tragedy that only I can solve. I don't want you deciding you need to have an important conversation with me. LEAVE. ME. ALONE.

  ♥ I would LOVE to lay in bed all day, and watch old Dr. Who episodes. I know you can't do all of the above. So I would be happy if your daddy would do all of that, and you and I can lay in bed and enjoy the Dr. together. ♥

  Bottom line buddy, YOU are my mother's day present. You were born the weekend of Mother's day, and every year, every day, I thank God for you. Mama loves you more than life itself. I know you can't give me or do all of these things, and that's ok. It never hurts to hope..... I love you Liam ♥

                                                                           ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Resting before I become a mama ♥ (date is wrong. 5/11/06)

I will never in all my life, forget how this moment felt ♥

I love you with all of my ♥

You're all that I dreamed and all that I hoped ♥


  1. Replies
    1. no, he hasn't..... but that's ok. my boy is really gift enough <3 :)

  2. I thought I was the only one that wanted these things? Love your honesty about everything in this. Love mine to pieces and am blessed to have 2.