Monday, May 6, 2013

Hey Soccer Moms.....Get a sense of humor!

  I mean seriously! If you all read my last blog post, (the one on BlogHer, not the one on here) you will know what I am talking about it. If not, check it out HERE.

  I was attacked by the goody goody soccer moms. They ganged up on me, tore me down, and made me feel like an ass....but only for a bit. It wasn't long before I thought about it, talked to other special needs moms, and realized those other mothers were out of line. They need to take a moment and remove the stick from their arses.

   They need to take a moment and realize that post was a vent. It was my way of getting out my frustrations. Nothing more, nothing less. However, these mothers felt the need to judge me. To attack me. To make me feel like less of a person for the way I felt. Lexi, from Mostly True Stuff  also wrote a great piece on judging others. Now, my piece may have seemed judgmental to those not in our shoes, but I swear it wasn't. It was my way of telling people to appreciate what they have.

 I am a smart ass. I am sarcastic. I have an odd sense of humor as well. That being said, I have a huge heart, and it takes a lot to upset me and set me off. Once you do however, look out because it then takes a lot to calm me down.

This quote adorns my fridge ;)

  YOU ARE NOT PERFECT. Neither am friend over at Deciphering Morgan wrote a great post pertaining to that. (click on her blog name to check it out. It's worth it!) None of us are. Don't judge what you don't know. I know your life may be hard in a different way than mine. I get it. Just do me a favor. Appreciate it. When you don't, stop and think that there are always others who don't have it so good. There are always others who want what you have, and may never have it.

  So, now that the "drama" has died down, I find myself a tad amused by the barrage of comments on my last post. I don't go out of my way to offend people. That being said, I say how I feel, when I feel it. If that offends you, I am terribly sorry. However, I am 34, and I am who I am. I will not change for anyone.......


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