Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Go big or go home....

  That never really applied to me because I don't like the spotlight, and I would never seek it out. However, being Autism Awareness Month, I felt we needed to shine a spotlight on Autism locally, so we did just that.

  We started out our day making cupcakes for Liam's LIUB dance party to be held later that evening. We also were cutting up tablecloths to make plastic streamers for the light posts in town. We then rounded up the kids (Liam and two of his friends) and we headed into town to meet more of our friends.

  We decorated as many poles as we could but had to call it good by 130 in the afternoon. It was so cold, and we were all froze to the bone! While finishing up the local newspaper came out to interview us about what we were doing. I was excited that someone would shine a light on our efforts. (I was even more excited when I woke up this am, and saw we made the front page!)

The dance party was a HUGE success! The kids had a blast. We kicked it off with a talk about Autism, and what it is. (in a kid version) To check that out CLICK HERE.) Then the dancing began! Followed by chowing down on blue cupcakes and blue kool-aid. Hyper kids are cool when they are outside to burn that sugar off! Towards the end of our dance party the local news station came by to do a segment on Autism. (mama emailed them and when they called to come out I was shocked!)

  They interviewed a few of us, and 2 of the neighbor kids. Then took some video of all the kiddos dancing. I would be lying if I said I couldn't wait for them to leave. I was freezing, and so were the kids, and I wanted nothing more than to sneak inside and lay on my heating pad.

(to check Liam out on the news CLICK HERE)

  Though we froze our butts off for a good portion of the day it was worth it. We spread awareness. We had fun. We educated others. What more could one ask for????

                                                  <3 <3 <3 <3

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