Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bubbles are a choking hazard....

  So I got up this morning with the bright idea to do something fun. Sunday Funday right??? I got on Pinterest and looked up some warm weather fun. I chose bubbles. Because who doesn't love bubbles???

  I found the recipe for "Giant Bubbles," and as luck would have it, I had all the ingredients. I mixed up a batch and was excited to try it out. We (Liam and "A" took the bucket outside to try them out.) Now, if you are familiar with this recipe, every pin on Pinterest says they are "indestructible." Indestructible my arse!!! They weren't any better than the cheap bubbles you buy at Dollar Tree. For the time, and money it took to make them, I wouldn't waste my time again.

 Next we decided to try bubble snakes. My kiddo loves snakes ( *gag* ) so anything snake related is right up his alley. This seemed easy enough. Soda bottles (20 oz size) from the recyclables. (Now I say soda bottles because the new water bottles are too flimsy for this.) next, you'll need an old wash cloth or towel. Cut circles out of it. Big enough to cover the bottom with about 2 inches to spare all the way around. Cut very bottom off of bottle, then put towel/washcloth over it. Attach with rubber band. (A hair tie works well too ;) )

  Now comes the fun part. We used that junk bubble mixture we made. Dip the bottom into bubble mix, and blow. This is super cool.

HOWEVER, make sure kiddos DO NOT BREATHE IN!!!!!! Another neighbor kiddo came over, and oddly enough, BOTH NT kiddos, sucked in and choked when they ingested the bubbles....Yep, got to meet his mom when she came over to find out what happened. AWKWARD!!!!

  So all in all, the kiddos enjoyed it, until they ingested it, and I dumped it in the yard. So enjoy, but PLEASE be careful!

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