Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spreading the Word to End the Word!

  Today is a BIG day! Today is the day we all work together to bring awareness to the vulgar use of the R-word. I won't even type it here because it disgusts me so....I think you all know what word we are working to end.

 Unfortunately I hear this word too much among neighbor kids. It makes me sick, and I make no bones about telling them so. After all, they need to learn NOT to use it, so when they grow up, they don't teach it to their children. For a small few, it has worked, and for the rest, not so much. Though when I hear it, I again preach the importance of NOT saying it. After all, they are children, they learn it from other kids, from their parents. I think that schools should have an assembly on this day. They should be stepping up to teach their students the importance of not using this hate word.....In a perfect world, this would happen. Until then, I will continue to do my part spreading the word.

  I have to admit, there was a time my hubs would tease me about riding the short bus and wearing a helmet. Don't hate him. It was before he was a special needs dad, and before he knew so many wonderful special needs kids. He also wasn't meaning harm to anyone with special needs it was a joke because I went to a school in such a small town that many people in this area tease that school for being behind all other schools, and not being up to par as far as education.

  He doesn't say that anymore, because he knows how horrible it is. Your whole life and perspective changes when you become the parent of a special needs child. You see the world in a whole new light, and you see the people around you in this new light as well.

  I have corrected "friends" in the use of that word. They look shocked when I do. When I tell them that is derogatory to my son and his special needs friends, they don't get it. "But he looks normal?!?!" I don't care how he looks, he is special needs, and that is putting him down. He doesn't want to be referred to with the r-word. Would you want your kid to be called that????  Look at his face, does he deserve that treatment????

 So for today, share some of the pics posted here, on your facebook and twitter pages. Make posts about how you will "Spread the Word to End the Word!" As for yourself, please, for me, for Liam, and for all the other wonderful special needs people in this world, refrain from this word. There are so many words you can use in place of that world, as you will see in the graphic below....


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