Thursday, March 28, 2013

April is gonna be great!!!!

  I can't believe it's almost April! Where did the winter go??? Not that I am sad to see it go, I am tired of snow! We have big things planned for April and are very excited!!! We are already lit up blue. (we couldn't wait til April) Our shed is done up in mutilcolor lights (thanks Christmas) that I will also be lighting in April to represent the spectrum that is Autism. I already dyed my hair blue. Wonder what kinds of looks I will get from the elderly this time???

  I am currently awaiting the decision from our town council about decorating the street lamps blue for April. That meeting is April 1st, so if we get the ok, we will be rushing to get it done on the 2nd. Thankfully I will have some help from our local Autism support group, PASKA. (they are my autie family <3 )
On the the first or second, I will publish my Go Blue video. I have it ready and waiting and can't wait to share it with all the parents who sent me pics of their kiddos to join us in "Going Blue." I hope we can get over 1000 shares, so I will be bugging you all to share, share, share to help us spread awareness. <3

The night of the 2nd is Liam's LIUB Dance Party. He has invited all the neighbor kids and their
parents to come over that evening, to learn about Autism and to have some fun. He has asked them all to wear blue. (I think I may get a special ribbon or something to give to the person who has the most blue on) He has decided to serve blue cupcakes, blue kool-aid and blue jello jigglers :) He and his friends have chosen all the music and it's ready to go on my iPod. Mama needs to figure out just what I am going to say and write it down because I don't do well in front of people (even when I know them.) Liam said he will "just say what comes to my mind." Love my kiddo!

  On the 5th we are taking part in our first First Friday in town. We are setting up a table to educate  our area about Autism. I am still working on handouts for that. Today I will start the posters. (I love making stuff like that!) The 2nd table set up will be for kiddos. Liam and I created autism awareness coloring pages. He has chosen to take his blue water beads for one sensory bin, and then  the other will be a blue rice sensory bin. He has put some thought into this and I love how involved he gets. He will be a great advocate some day because he is already a great one now!

  So that is a run down of just the beginning of April.....I am not sure how we will top this next year, but I am sure I will think of something. I am also sure PITA is hoping I won't think of something, because that always means more work for him too ;)

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