Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Lesson Learned.....From a Comic Book!

  This took place a few days ago, but with so much going on, I was unable to sit and write about. I left myself a note on my phone. (Once again, a HUGE thank you to mom and dad b for my iPhone. It makes my life so much easier!) Moving on. So let me set the scene for what took place that morning a few days ago.....

  The night before Liam was "camping out" with Daddy in PITA's room. (yes, we have separate rooms. don't judge, it works for us! Pita is disabled and doesn't sleep through the night. He is up and down constantly and always was waking me up. Also, Liam won't sleep in his room alone, so he and I share a room with separate beds.) I digress. So as I was tucking him in, he noticed some old comic books on daddy's night stand. He wanted them. Daddy told him no, it was bed time. He still wanted them. A few moments later, he comes back to my room, "Momma, I am sleeping in here because I NEED those comics and I can't sleep by them if I can't have them!!!" Good logic little man, works for me.

   Next morning Liam comes out, comic books in hand. I say, "Did you ask daddy for those?" Liam, "no, he is sleeping, I'm NOT waking him up!!" I go on to explain that's fine, but without permission he needs to put them back.  I then let it go, giving him time to mull over right and wrong in his mind.

  He walks away. A few moments later he returns. "Momma, I put them back!" "You did?" I say, "how come?" He thinks a moment then replies,  "well you know the other day when I took a "dolla" out of daddy's room? And he told me if I asked for it he would have gave it to me, but because I didn't ask I couldn't have it because that was stealing!!!" "Yeah, it was," I reply...... So then he shocks me with, "Well, I figured I was stealing the books. So if I put them back, and then I ask my daddy for them, maybe he will give them to me!"  He was beaming with pride, and I wish I would have snapped a quick pic of the look on his little face!!!

  Shortly there after when PITA got up, Liam  asked him for the books, and sure enough, daddy said yes. Liam was ecstatic and began to carefully remove them from the plastic and mull over all the pictures inside. He was actually STILL and QUIET for 30 minutes!!!! Thank you comic book Gods!!!!


  1. My husband and I don't share a room either because I am in a wheelchair and can't do the stairs so I sleep in a hospital bed in the kitchen. anyway, I digress also, my husband also has LOTS of comic books, 50 or so boxes and I am sure James would love to get his hands on them. Don't think he would have the restraint that Liam had. James would just nab them and squirrel them away in his room like he does with all the stuff he "borrows" from his sister!!

    1. that's how liam normally is, I was shocked when he didn't take them and hide them!!!