Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy V Day....

  Happy Valentines Day. For some this day is uber romantic, and looked forward to. For others it's a bitter reminder of the romance they are avidly searching for. For's just day in which I try harder than ever to show Liam how much I love him.
  As an autie parent you know how showing love is on our children's terms, and I'm okay with that for the most part. He knows I love him. I tell him all the time, and he tells me. (though I have come to realize he is merely echoing what I say to him. Getting an "I love you" from Liam without a prompt is few and far between. So when that happens, it means the world) 
  Last night I baked him special cupcakes. He didn't care. This morning I surprised him with a reese heart. His response, "Did Sandy (sandman) bring that to me???" I told him no, and asked what he meant. "Well, I was hoping the Guardians brought that to me." I told him no, it was from me because I love him. "Oh...." That's it, that's what I got. I am ok with that. As much as I would have liked a huge hug and a kiss, I know he loves me in his own Liam way. And he always shows it in his own Liam way. 
  As annoying as it is not being able to pee alone, take a shower with him having to be on the other side of the door talking my ear off, sneaking into my bed at night,  and so annoying as that may be at times, it's Liam's way of loving me......and I love him for it.
  As for hubs. All he asked for was no bake cookies. Momma makes banging no bake cookies!! What did I get you ask.....Flowers, no. They are gorgeous but they die. To a family with VERY limited income, to me, it's a waste of money. Chocolate, no. There is a never ending supply of that in our home. A card where he professes his undying love for me....well one can only hope.....and if not, Paddy you will be on the poop list!!!! In all seriousness though he got me something I have been asking for. He got him an electronic cigarette. 
  I really want to quit smoking and I would probably kill someone if I tried to quit cold turkey. My momma has had great success using hers, so now it's my turn. So far so good. I got it yesterday and have only smoked 2 real cigs. I am hoping to be done with real cigs all together by next week. Yes, to the neigh sayers, I will still be "smoking." BUT, all I am inhaling is vapor and nicotine. No harmful additives, no tar. And the price, about 15$ for what would be a carton of cigs.....can't beat that!!! No the real test will be if it works after Liam has a meltdown. When he has a rough day, I smoke more. So if this staves of the need to smoke a real cig on a bad day, then it's worth the 16$ bucks and then some. Wish me luck!!!
  I hope you all have a great V day with your LO's.....I hope your autie kiddo shows you some love, even if it's just following you to the bathroom to tell you about his/her current obsession. I hope you feel loved today, and every day <3

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  1. Oh, well done on the quitting smoking, I hope this works for you! My mum has been quitting smoking for 15 years. She is down to 2 a day. Whatever you can manage to do, it is worth it to be healthy and there for your family and yourself.