Monday, February 25, 2013

Bowling vs Burger King


So, yesterday was the big day! Our local Autism support group was meeting to take our kiddos bowling. The reservations were made, the kiddos were stoked. Liam has never been bowling and I was so excited for another "first" with him!!!  My family was the first to arrive, and when we walked in, I was nervous. The place was CRAWLING with other kiddos, and LOUD. Didn't matter, we could do this. Liam was so excited, and even brought his friend "A" to have fun.
  I get to the counter and a little old man asks if I am here for the party or with the "teachers." I smile, reply no and tell him I am there with the PASKA Autism group. He looks nervous. "Ummm, let me check that,"  he replies." He mumbles it to his wife. She shakes her head no, and says, "No not til March!" SAY WHAT???? I tell her no, my hubby called to reserve back in JANUARY (the date was 2/23 at 1 pm)! Then, our founder called back to double check and make the final reservation. (at which time the time was changed from 1 until 230) Now the old lady gets a bit cocky, brings over her reservation book and says, (pointing her arthritic finger in her damn book), "It's right here, not until March 24th!!!!!" (Okay, I know this was reserved. I know I am NOT losing it.) I raise my voice. My hubby senses this and cuts me off to save face, and intervenes. He then goes on to say it was HE who originally called, and he knows when the date was, it was SUPPOSED to be today. Now I heard the reservation being made, we ALL did. Instead of admitting that she wrote it on the wrong month, she goes on to say no reservation was made, no final call was placed. REALLY??? Then how the hell do you have us reserved in March if "No reservation was made." I walked out. I walked out because I wanted to slap her. I walked out because I didn't want to go to jail for assaulting an old batty woman. I walked out and tried to smile. I called our founder and she was appalled. She of course made the second call to double check the reservation. She of course knew today was the day, and she of course was just as pissed as we were!
  At this time, another family from PASKA arrived, and we told her what happened. Then hubs had an idea! (shocker! JK) We left and headed to Burger King. BK has an indoor play place. At least this way the kids could have some fun and not be disappointed! In the mean time, I contacted the other 2 families that I knew were coming, and they too joined us all at BK. The kids were happy. We were happy (now that we vented about it and moved on.)
  So all in all it was a good day. Am I still pissed?? Sure am!!!! This woman didn't even try to make it right for our kids. She didn't offer another time or date. She DIDN'T CARE. Plain and simple. I will make sure I tell everyone I know that STARLITE BOWLING LANES, in TOWANDA PA SUCKS!!!! They are RUDE, INCOMPETENT, and don't care about SPECIAL NEEDS KIDS!!!!! I made sure to leave a poor review on their business page as well......


  1. thanks for being an Inspiration!

    1. Thank you so much!!!! I will do my part as soon as I can <3

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