Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Autistic People Should be.......

  So I first took notice to this awful search when Kerry Magro posted about it on facebook over the weekend. He stated that when you searched "Autistics should" in facebook, the first search that came up was "DIE"!!!! It angered me to no extent, but I really didn't have the heart or energy to try looking into myself. I was heading into a fibro flare up and anyone with fibro knows how horrible that is. I am not looking for a pity party, so I won't bore you the details. Just know I was tired, in pain, and miserable. :)

  Yesterday morning when I awoke and head to my my computer, foggy eyed and coffee in hand I saw a post by fellow (but much better) Autism blogger and daddy Jim W. His post for the morning was exactly about what Kerry was talking about. The abomination that shows up when you search Google for "Autistics Should be..." Jim even had pics of this horrible search. For his blog and a looky loo at the pic, click here.

  Needless to say that put a huge damper in an already sucky Monday morning. I had to search this for myself. Not that I didn't believe the two men I look up too (literally bc I am really short ;) ) but because I had to see the atrocity for myself. Seeing is believing. So I did..... (Blogger is still not letting me add pics to my blog, annoying as hell!!!!) So if you want to see for yourself, click here, or try searching "Autistics Should be" on Google.

  Okay, I really am trying to get to a point here!!!! This needs to be changed. If you were the parent of a newly diagnosed child, and you went to google for info, and you searched that, and saw what it says, what would you be thinking? I think I would be scared, sad, angry, and probably worried. So this must changed. We must work together and write about what Autistic People Should be, so when it is searched, the positive shows up.

  Bloggers already took to this. The author of the blog Yes, That Too, rallied other autism bloggers to join her and do just that. Now, I am always a day late and a dollar short, so I am just now jumping on this awesome bandwagon. If you would like to check out what the other bloggers wrote, click here.

  Now onto my part. I want someone who searches that to see things like, Autistic People Should Be: considered experts on Autism. They should be respected. They should be heard. They should be encouraged to be themselves. They should be accepted for who they are. They should be loved. They should be praised. I am sure there are many more things I could think of, but of course Liam is now up, and his motor mouth is non stop, and we need to get on to his morning routine.....

  Please, if this bothers you as much as it did me, and the many others, consider speaking out. Consider blogging with the title Autistic People Should Be, so we can change that search.....


  1. How short?

    Good post, Courtney.

    1. You never ask a woman her height....oh wait that's age and weight lol. 5 foot short Jim! and thanks :)