Tuesday, January 15, 2013

To Vax or NOT to Vax....

  Okay all, a little disclaimer here.....Before you all jump ship, or take sides, or start getting upset, this is in NO WAY my way of stirring up controversy. I despise controversy. I know how the whole Pro Vax/Anti Vax mud slinging goes, and this post is NOT geared towards that....
   That being said, here is my dilemma. If you follow my ALFL page you know Liam has and is recovering from the flu. When he gets the flu or any sickness, he also regresses some. He often has issues with the potty. He is very stimmy, and often very aggressive. All that on top of being sick!!!  He had the flu one other time when he was 2. I swear on my life I truly thought my son was going to die. He was so sick. For 3 days I sat vigil and watched him sleep. Woke him up for motrin/tylenol, for sips of gatorade and to carry him to the bathroom to go pee.
   In his almost 7 years of life, there have only been 3 years he hasn't gotten the shot. When he was 2, last year and this year. Out of those 3 years, 2 times he has gotten the flu. When we called the ER over his 104.2 temperature, his doctor was out of the country. (Figures! Kids get sick a) on weekend b) middle of the night and c) when their doctor is out of the freakin' country!) So, instead we talked to his previous pediatrician. At which time we got the whole, "Why didn't he get his flu shot?" spiel. Now, I know he is only looking out for my son. Liam has asthma, and after the flu scare in 2008, we always got him the flu shot.  Once he was diagnosed with autism, I stopped. I know the flu vaccine is the one that still contains the preservative Thimerosal (mercury.) Now here is where the pro/anti vax people get worked up.....so let me state my place in this topic...
   I do NOT think vaccines CAUSED my son's Autism. I do however think they may have played a role in it. I believe my son was born with the genes for autism. I believe he had it at birth. He didn't seem to display any signs of autism until he was about 15 months old, but then again, who's to say that isn't "normal." I will never KNOW for sure what caused his autism, and I am okay with that. With that being said, I don't and haven't gotten him vaccinated for the flu since his diagnosis because the flu vax DOES contain thimerosal. For more info on that, click HERE. (scroll down through all the medical mumbo jumbo and you will see an easy to follow chart telling which vaccines contain thimerosal. ) I know how the argument goes, some believe heavy metals (such as mercury) cause or worsen Autism, and some don't. However, I see that many law suits are now being awarded to parents of autistic kiddos  for heavy metal poisoning.( For more on that, click HERE.) I am not really comfortable with my son having heavy metals injected into him. I now see they make two without it (yes mom, you did tell me that too.)
   So my problem is this: If I can get his insurance to cover the thimerosal free vax or mist, then there is no dilemma. However, our insurance sucks, so I am not counting on that. Therefore here is my issue. Do I 1) get him the vaccine, and risk him regressing more from the mercury. OR do I skip the vaccine, and hope he doesn't get the flu again, and pray if he does, he doesn't get it worse?!?! As his mother, it is my job to protect him, to make sure he doesn't get sick. Doesn't that mean I should get him vaccinated? I tried to get him to wear a mask in public to keep germs out, and he looked at me so seriously and said, "Momma! People stare at me now, I am NOT wearing that dorky mask!" (I know, 6 going on 16!) So I am at a loss for what to do.....So I ask your opinion.....but PLEASE do NOT turn this into a Pro/Anti vaccine war. I just want honest opinions. Do you get your autistic kiddo the flu vax. Why or why not? If you do, do you get the thimerosal free version or the regular one? Do you notice a regression in your child after the flu vax?

(picture credit goes to Alliance of Natural Health)



  1. I usually do get my children the vaccine, the regular one. I never knew about the other kind. I however have always gotten them all vaccines, and do not believe I have noticed any problem with it either way. That being said I have not gotten it in the last 2 years due to insurance issues and those are the years when I knew what to watch for more and would have been more certain to notice if there was a problem, so do not know for certain that there is not. I feel it is best to prevent all illness we can though, so I get it when it is possible.

    1. Thank you Amy :) I appreciate your input and honesty :)

  2. Do you live in the US? The nasal vac and the mercury free one should be available at your local health dept. As least they are in the county we live (in WV). We always get our boys vaccinated, since they are old enough for the nasal that is what we get. I am horrible about remembering to get my flu shot and last year was in the hospital for pneumonia :( I'm glad that we have great health insurance, they pay for pretty much anything. I think everyone should have health insurance that covers vaccines like you need, kids should always come first, but insurance companies can be a little greedy (in my opinion). I saw your post on bloggy moms and following you on GFC. I look forward to your future posts :)


    1. Thanks. Yeah, I am just worried about his insurance. He has state insurance and they are VERY bad about covering stuff. It's a fight to get services or anything :( and yes, kids should ALWAYS come first, I agree :)