Wednesday, January 9, 2013

He's flappy because he is HAPPY!!!

Just yesterday I posted about how happy I was that Liam had a buddy. It means so much to me and even more to him.
Today "n" came over again and invited Liam to play. I was hesitant because there were other kids in the mix (that is usually a bono no for my boy) but Liam really wanted to so I said yes.
A few videos games were played and before long the boys took to rough housing outside. I wasn't too worried as I can see them from the living room window and they weren't being too rough.
However it wasn't long before that changed and Liam was told to come in. He came in with "n"'s sister and all red faced started to stutter and tell me, "(name omitted) was picking on me and doing this!" At which time he started flapping like he does when he is excited.
Now dammit to Liam his flapping is nothing. He doesn't realize he is doing it, he just does. How dare that brat tease him for being excited!!!! (Sorry to say brat but I am so tired of intolerance especially after these damn kids have been told what it is!) why in God's name are kids so cruel!!!!
So now Liam is upset because he was singled out in front of ALL the neighborhood kids. He is finally trying to fit in and be accepted and yet is being called out and made an example of. Worse yet for something he has NO control over. Something that is so much a part of our life we don't even notice it.
Paddy and I are at odds about
what is to be done. I said call mother tell her what's up and then talk to child. He just wants to talk to the child. What good will that do???? We have talked to said child many times about these things and I am tired of being ignored and Liam still being teased.
I guess I will be handling it. I am tired of it . So what if he flaps!!!!!

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