Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tony Hawk Hoodie is Autism Friendly

  Do you have a kiddo who likes to hide when overwhelmed? I know I do! He has a body sock that he gets into when at home and he has the urge to hide, but in public, what can he do? Well, what he DOES is crawl up the back of my shirt, flashing my goodies to all who are close, and embarrassing the crap outta me!!! I have been thinking for months of what I can do when in public from stopping this from happening. Another fave thing he does is hiding his face in his shirt, and then he mows over any unlucky people in his way because his vision is inhibited!
  A month or so ago, my nephew got the coolest new hoodie. It zips all the way up, hood and all. It has mesh  for the eyes and mouth so you can zip up, hide your face, yet still see and breathe! Made by Tony Hawk, I thought this is the coolest damn thing I have seen. Now I know it wasn't made with kids with autism in mind, but it sure seems that way!!
  When Mimi and Paw asked for Christmas ideas for Liam, this was at the top of my list. When he opened that box he shrieked with joy! He put it on as soon as he was done opening gifts, even wore it outside and of course got it dirty. No matter, I will scrub those stains out. I am just happy that we can now go into public without my worrying about his need to hide when he is nervous. Without worrying he will flash my goods to strangers. And without me worrying that he will mow over some poor defenseless senior citizen because he is overwhelmed and can't see.

This is his "WOW" face :)

Rockin' the Autism Friendly Hoodie :)

For more info on these kick butt hoodies, or to get one for your Autie kiddo (and I totally, 100% recommend them) you can get them at Kohl's, or click here!

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