Thursday, December 20, 2012

Max Gamer~Aspie Superhero~A Review

  Yesterday Liam was stoked to find a copy of the Max Gamer comic book in the mail. He was even more excited when he opened it and saw it was signed, "Liam, You are Awesome! Dr. G" It made him feel so special, and his smile was ear to ear!
See, I told ya so :D

I originally learned about the comic book from a post in my news feed. I wish I could remember where, but my fibro fog is making it impossible to remember much of anything these days. I searched for the web site and emailed Dr. G. I told him how AUSOME this is for our kiddos, and what a great idea! I got an email asking for my address, and Dr. G came through and sent Liam a copy. What a kind man!!! To learn more about Dr. Frank Gaskill, you can visit his website here: Southeast Psych

Photo courtesy of the Max Gamer blog.

When I went to the website, one of the first things I saw was a statement from Temple Grandin.
"I read your Max Gamer Super Hero comic book
 and really Liked it.  I think it will help the smart Aspie kids to feel proud of themselves.
This comic would have helped me when I was a teenager who was being teased.."
-Temple Grandin -

Why was Max Gamer created?  "Max Gamer is intended for all children and was designed by “Aspies” for “Aspies.”  Asperger’s is not considered a syndrome by the the Max Gamer Authors but is considered a gift and an amazing skill." So Max Gamer was created by Dr. Gaskill and Ryan Kelly, for AUSOME kiddos like ours!!!!
To read more about the why's and how's or to order a copy please visit the MAX GAMER website.  

So, what did we think????? Well....

Liam couldn't wait to dig in and read it!!!

So before we settled in to watch our Christmas movie, we settled in to read Max Gamer. At first, Liam was all over the living room. He was listening, but as usual, unable to sit still. However, by the second page, he was at my side, listening, looking and smiling. You see, the book never comes out and says Max has Aspergers, but in the descriptions of him, there's no doubt. Liam looked at me and said, "Momma, was this written for me?" I told him no, but it sure does seem that way. Everything they describe about Max was like it was written for my lil man. (Kudos Dr. G and Mr. Kelly)
Moving through the story, (and I won't give it away here, because I am not one to spoil something for others) Liam became very intent on what I was reading. I could see how he was relating to Max's life. When it came to the part of Max's Dynagon cards, Liam was stoked!!!! (they were like a mix of Pokeman/Bakugan cards) That touch was especially a winner in Liam's eyes. He also liked how Max "kind of looked like Ben 10." Another of Liam's "heroes." 

Max Gamer, Aspie Superhero!
Photo courtesy of the Max Gamer Blog

In a nutshell, as a mother, I give the book 2 thumbs up. (The plot was great for kids. The pics were very eye catching too) Liam also gave the book "2 fums up!" His favorite part was "the Dynagon cards." And he "liked that it was about me." Meaning he related to the fact that it was written about a boy like him.

Max Gamer is the first comic book of it's kind to feature a super hero with Aspergers. I think it's a home run for Autistic kids, and I believe that every kiddo with Autism should have a copy. I also think it would be great if schools would read this to their students. It may just teach NT kiddos a little something about our ASD kiddos.

To get your copy please click here!

Thanks again Dr. G. Also a big thank to Ryan Kelly who helped in creating Max Gamer, and Kara Dahlheimer whom helped with the animations.
GREAT JOB by all!!!!!

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