Monday, December 10, 2012

How about NO.......

  Liam is a bargainer......He bargains for EVERYTHING!!! More computer time, more Xbox time, eating, going to bed, and most importantly SCHOOL!
  As soon as he walks out in the am, he will say, "momma! Can I skip school?" EVERY DAY he says this!!! When I say NO, he then starts the bargaining....."I will just do my core subjects if you......How about I pick what I do today, after I play Xbox......." It goes on and on.....
  This is ALL my fault. Yep, no hiding it here. I am a briber.....or should I say, "a positive re-enforcer." (To read a previous post on this, CLICK HERE)  From the time he was able to talk I have had to "re-enforce" his behaviors. "Eat your food, and momma will give you (chips, cookies, whatever junk he was into at the time) "Don't freak out in the grocery store, and momma will get you a prize." (Remember these we pre diagnosis days so I had NO clue why he was so rotten at the grocery stores.) "Pick up your toys and you can_____________" Whatever was his fave thing to do at that time.....So you see, I was ruining my son!!!!
  EVERYTHING is a bargain with him! "I will feed the cat, IF I can skip school?!" (his cat, his chore) "I will brush my teeth, IF I can skip school?!" "I will pick up my toys, IF I can skip school?!" So as you can see, there is a pattern here....

As I stated in a previous post, (You can read that here) this is the reason I started the First and Then approach..... NO sends him into a fast and furious downward spiral!  FIRST you feed the cat, THEN you do school, THEN you can play Xbox all day!!!! FIRST you brush your teeth, THEN you go to bed, THEN you get up and watch some cartoons before school.... It's hit or miss, but I'll take it.....I am just wondering when my 6 year old became smarter than me?!?!?!?!?

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