Sunday, November 18, 2012

Yes, even Santa makes mistakes.....

So this morning I had a VERY upset little boy.......seems Santa screwed up!!! Damn it all to hell!!!
   Liam has a magic mailbox. (Great mimi gave it to him a few years ago) Each year, Liam puts his letter to Santa in it and puts the flag up. While he is sleeping that night, Santa comes, takes his letter, and leaves behind a small prize or piece of candy.
   Yesterday Liam frantically dug thru Christmas totes to find his magic mailbox. When he did, he took it inside, and promptly put his letter in, flag up, and on the table. Now, the rest of the day was super busy! Got the yard all decorated. Went through all the lights, realized our tree lights were no good. Trip to town for new tree lights, and extension cords for the yard. Came home, put the tree up and the new lights on. Now it's late. Liam is crying because the tree "needs ornaments" and momma is too tired and in too much pain to take on this task. (damn you FMS!!!!) So instead we settle for a snack and a movie.
    Now, I completely forgot about the mailbox. (FMS fog strikes again)  I get up this am, go about my normal morning routine. Liam walks out, goes right to the mailbox. In that instant, my heart sank. I knew what was going to happen. He slaps it back down on the table and walks away. Tears welling up in his eyes, his bottom lip fully protruded...... dammit Courtney, think fast.....
    DAMN U SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I get him into my lap, and explain that Santa called late last nite. Vixen fell very ill, and needed Santa to stay by her side in her stable to care for her and work his magic. Santa also said he would be by tonight as long as Vixen was feeling better. (Hey, gotta leave myself an out, in case I forget again!!!!)  That seemed to work.....for now. Crisis averted!!!! Now onto decorating the tree because it "can't be naked!!!"

Here's hoping your Santa has a better memory than me, I mean mine ;)



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