Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rustic 2x4 Pumpkins


  Okay, I know, this isn't a sensory craft, or Autism related, but I am a Fall Freak. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love making Fall Crafts. So when I saw this idea on Pinterest, I HAD to make it myself! Before I go any further I want to link credit back to where I got the original idea. So if you want to see the original ones, head on over to Totally Fabulous Finds, and check hers out. Her's are a bit more fancy, but I made mine for $.99 (cost of paint) so I was going for the cheaper way to re-make them.  

                                                             Here's What I did:

     First, I dug through Hub's scrap wood pile and found a 2 x 4. Then, I got hub's to cut it for me. He cut mine in three pieces. One 9 inches, one 6 inches, and one 3 inches.

     Next, I got out hub's files, and filed all the edges off the wood. I also sanded the rough parts. I didn't make them completely smooth, (I like the rough kind of look) but I took off any slivers.

     Then Hub's and I found a thick branch, and he cut me off 3 stems. (He doesn't trust me with the table saw, (he's smart!)) 

      Time to paint. I bought tiger orange (it was all they had) then I mixed it with a bit of brown until I got a muted orange. I then added a few brush fulls of water, and mixed it well. I didn't want a thick coat of paint. I wanted them to look like they were stained orange. 

       Once the paint was dry, I got the files back out and re-sanded the edges. Make sure to get off any orange paint. (You want to see the wood) I made sure to round the corners a bit too.

       Time for the fun part. I used hot glue to attach the stems. I found some raffia in the craft bin, made little bows and glued them on. That's it. Easy peasy!!

         Now I have a great decoration for Halloween and Turkey Day. The best part, it only cost me $.99!!!!!!!

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