Monday, October 1, 2012

Invasion of the Sleep Snatchers

What a fitting title for the first of October, and night of hellish sleep!!! To start, Liam was a motor mouth until 1 am. I repeatedly shushed him, and he still kept jabbering away. I feel bad, he was trying to talk to me and tell me stuff, but gees kid, there are better times than when momma is tired! He told me about what he wants for Christmas. Then we moved on to him wanting more friends. I tried to explain to him quality vs quantity, he didn't care. He wants 50 friends to play with, so every day there is someone to play with!! Then we talked about his friend yesterday telling him he was weird. This bothered him, he brought it up a few times in the evening, and hubs and I reassured him, he is fine the way he is. We are all a little weird. I think I finally got that thru to him, and the rest of the time, he laid there humming.
Great, now cue the fur kids. Between them playing at 1 am, then trouncing across my bed, I was ready to freak. When Josie decided it was time for her to go to bed, she rooted thru my blankets like a pig rooting for truffles! She uncovered me, ran he cold nose into me, and really irritated the hell out of me. I fell back to sleep. Kottie decided now that I was sleeping again, she would sharpen her claws on the rug in the doorway. I wake up, quietly yell at her. She leaves, goes into the bathroom and does it in there. I get up, chase her out.  Now Josie is uncomfortable, she waits til I get back in bed, then re-roots herself under the covers. This went back and forth til about 4 am. At which time, I was FINALLY sleeping soundly, and Liam wakes up. He is sweaty and needs to pee. Okay. Now he needs to change his undies because they are damp (sweat). We get back in bed, get comfy, Josie gets comfy and we're off to sleep. Now Kottie decides she must sleep on my head. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? After 5 failed attempts, she decides by my head is ok. It is now 530, and they are all sound asleep. Momma is laying there stewing and secretly wanting to wake them all up! But I settle for going back to sleep myself. That was my night with the "Sleep Snatchers!"

I get up this morning at 730. Hubs made coffee last nite for me. I go to get a cup, no coffee. He forgot to set the timer!!!! UGH!!!! IT IS DEFINITELY MONDAY!!!!!! Here's to a better day!!!!

And with that, I leave you with the Mamas and The Papas :)


  1. im so glad im not the only one...thank you!

  2. There is nothing worse than having a sleepless night. People keep asking when we are going to get a pet and I keep telling them I have two kids that crawl all over me, all time of the day and night. The last thing I need is a dog or cat in the mix!!!

    1. you're right. I love my fur girls so much, but it is like having 2 other kids. The cat thinks she is a dog, and they both think they are real kids, ugh, they are great but PITA's at times too :) (Just like kids) Ha ha ha ha <3