Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DIY Halloween Sensory Bags

Instead of the curriculum art, today we did something more festive for Halloween. We made Halloween Sensory Bags. Very easy to do. I can't however take ALL the credit. I got the idea from Hands On: As We Grow while scrolling through my Pinterest. We made one like hers, but Liam wanted to green. Then we did our own using bugs we got in the Halloween section at the Dollar Tree.
Ours look like this:

Ready for the how to???? It's super simple

Hair Gel (can be found at Dollar Tree. One bottle made 2 bags)
Ziploc Bags Sandwich Size (we used one regular, and one Halloween bag
which we purchased at the Dollar Tree.)
Googly Eyes (you guessed it! Can be bought at the Dollar Tree)
Various Bugs (again, thank you Dollar Tree, you ROCK my world!!)
Food Coloring (Dollar Tree, you're the bomb!)

Open bag, squeeze in about half of the hair gel. Add a few drops of you coloring choice. Close bag, smoosh around to mix color. Add in googly eyes, bugs, what ever you choose. (we even added some sequins) Now, close, all but a small bit and carefully squeeze air out without letting gel out. Seal and VOILA! Home made sensory bag! Great for tactile input and cool to look at as well. (NOTE: my son gets into everything, I add duct tape to the top of ALL his bags so he doesn't get into them!)
Hope you enjoy making this with your kiddo (s). I know I sure did :)

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