Saturday, August 11, 2012


 Does your Autie kiddo hate the word "NO?" Does he/she become angered or maybe enraged when told "NO" too much? Mine does. Its NOT fun! "No" has always been an issue here. Thing is, it's not that he is bad, its that he despises the word itself. If you tell him "maybe" or "we'll see" he handles that much better. 
 We've also started the "First and Then" method. So far so good. Example. Liam will say, "momma, can I have chips?" I will say, "first you have dinner, then you have chips." Sounds simple I know, but it works! Let me get brainy sounding for a minute :) ......

First/Then Strategy

  • First/then teaching provides organization in the mind of an autistic child and allows them to associate tasks. One example of a first/then strategy is the visual schedule of daily events. A visual schedule will help lessen anxiety by providing structure so that a child can understand what is expected of him. A schedule could include a picture of a homework assignment then a picture of a computer. This tells a child, first you do homework, and then you play on the computer. When developing a visual schedule always include at least two tasks, so a child will understand the concept of sequencing activities.
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More brainy info from
First and then.....
Are based on a "first-then" strategy; that is, "firstyou do ___, then you do ___", rather than an "if-then" approach (i.e., "if you do ___, then you can do___"). This first-then strategy allows the "first" expectation (whether a task, activity or assignment) to be modified, as needed. The modification is in terms of task completion and amount of prompting, in order to accommodate the student's daily fluctuations in his ability to process in-coming information. Then he can move on to his next visually scheduled task/activity.

good example of first and then visual

 Also, while looking for more info to implement this for Liam, I stumbled across some blank visual aids or PECS to reinforce the strategy, and customize it to your child.
 Visit Postively Autism HERE and you will see a free printable of blank First and Then charts. 
 My suggestion for this is to take poster board and make a First and Then graph. Put some velcro on each side. Now go through and make pics of the first and then tasks. This way, you can change it to your child's needs. I will be making one, so I will post pics when I complete mine. 
 As for clip art to make the pics, try Google. It has many free images, simply type in "free clip art."  
    Good luck, and I hope this strategy works well for you all!

As promised, a pic of Liam's First and Then chart I made today :)

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