Thursday, August 23, 2012


Now that all the work is done in LJ's class room, it was time for some fun. Daddy took him fishing yesterday with some friends. He was proud that he was the only one to catch a fish. He also came home with a monarch "callepittar". We put it in the tank and are going to watch the metamorphosis, then release it. (Did you know in our area of the world Monarch's are close to extinct?? Lj said he had to save this one :))
 When the men came back it was time for fun with mommy. While I was on my Pinterest yesterday I found some fun looking science stuff that would also help Liam with his Fine Motor skills. You know me, I love to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. (thank goodness LJ is just learning to read, he HATES that metaphor, he really thinks it means to "kill") So anyway, I got this cool idea from another momma over at The Artful Parent.
Liam really enjoyed it. (NOTE: kiddos hand will get messy, Liam's are still green, as is his face from trying to eat the ice.)
Pictures say it best, so here goes:
getting started. I made ice cubes in different sized bowls. Then you will need salt and different colors of water.

salting the ice

let the salt sit and start to melt the ice, while you make your colored water

momma (the big kid) had to try it to show Liam

Liam trying it out

the more the salt works, the better it will look

The finished product

Liam loved this project. He LOVES salt, so he had fun eating the salty ice when he was done. Hope your kiddos enjoy it too.


  1. I m also interested in knowing new things...By this blog i learned a lot...Thanks for sharing