Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fine Motor Fun

 Yesterday we had fun making noodle necklaces! Liam has been sick, as have his friends, so it was a nice to make them feel a bit better with some fun. LJ and his friends loved it. It was also great for his fine motor skills, and the pincer grasp. All disguised as fun! What could be better?!?!?!
 We started by dying the pasta the day before. 2 projects out of one is AUSOME!!!! I made a handy dandy pic to explain this process :)

Dying rice is the same way. We love our dyed rice too! (Neon food dyes do give brighter colors. We didn't have any left :/ )

Once the noodles are dry, its time for fun! We waited until the next day to be sure.
We used thick fishing line to string ours. Plastic lanyard would have worked great, but of course Liam got into mine so it was nowhere to be found. The kids made some gorgeous necklaces :)

It was very hot out yesterday, but being the kiddos are sick, they couldn't swim or really get wet. So instead, I broke out the colored cubes, and some watercolor paper, and they went to town making art  :)

To make the ice cubes, simply dye some water, and pour into trays and freeze. Again, the neon dye was brighter and worker better. (blue was the only neon I had left and it worked much better for this)

All in all, we had a blast with our crafts, and Liam worked on motor skills without realizing it. A win win for this momma. Hope you too have as much fun as we did :)

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