Friday, July 27, 2012

Lil Ball of Energy!

Summer is flying right by! I can't believe we are at the end of July already. So my step son is staying with us for a few weeks. LJ is on cloud 9. "Bubby" is his idol! Its adorable. What is NOT adorable is the excess amount of energy LJ seems to have. He is ALWAYS hyper, like he has a motor in his little butt that keeps him going. Hard to imagine he has been worse! I don't understand it. Every day we are swimming, then in the evening he is outside riding his bike, playing with the neighbor kiddos. Yesterday was the worst!!!! We were house bound due some funky weather (CLICK HERE for some pics around our area) Liam was NOT having it. He was off the wall. B-O-N-K-E-R-S!!!!!!! Its not as if there are a lack of things to do in our home. He has a TON of toys, none of which he plays with anymore. So my first diversion was some Dr. Dreadful fun.....
sippin' some zombie barf :P

Josie had to get in on the fun!

Zombie brains! Funny how other things make him gag, but not zombie brains, lol.


So this diversion lasted all of 30 minutes, and we were back to off the wall insanity! B then distracted him with the Xbox. Another 30 minutes of quiet while I attempted to clean this hog hole. Then Liam decided it would be more fun to beat on his brother. UGH!!!!! I broke that up and got out his peanut. Maybe some input would calm him down??????

First I rolled it over him....

time for some bouncing...

He loves to bounce!!!

now its a "horsie!"

this is how he occupied himself afterwards. He sat and lined up shells :) (yes, my antique table needs a nice refinishing, its on hubs T.D. list :D)

So this gave me another 30 minutes peace. Afterward he also settled down. Praise the Lord!!!! He was calm the rest of the day until the storms came in. He handled that pretty well too, but was out of sorts last nite. He discovered two new stimming words. In the car last nite, it was "arrow" over, and over, and OVER again! Then before bed it was Galifinakis????? (From a  new movie) Apparently he likes the sound of that word, lol. I don't, not after 30 times!!!! Anyway, its Friday!!!!! Busy day and weekend ahead! Hope you all have a great one. 

Note: For more info on the benefits of a peanut, check out Fun and Function.


  1. I have no idea where they get the energy!!!! I really don't. I can't believe summer is almost over too. I'm kinda bummed.

  2. What a wonderful blog. Liam sounds just like my son James who is also on the higer functioning end of autism. It can be hard as it makes their difficulties more invisible but at least some of us are out there sharing the challenges they can have on a daily basis.