Friday, July 6, 2012

Holy Heat Wave Batman!

 Wow! I know I complained all winter I couldn't wait for summer, but wow!!!!! It has been killer hot here. Unless we are swimming somewhere, we don't go outside until at least 6 pm. Liam and I both have asthma, and its so hard to breathe in this humid heat. I can't complain though, I will take this over a foot of snow any day!!!!
Just realized "outside" is missing the "e" lol

 Our week has been pretty good. The Fourth was fun. Liam did pretty well. He only took one sensory break in the car, and was able to return to sit on my lap for the fireworks. He spent more time hanging with adults, than playing with the kiddos, typical for Liam though. He is my old sole.
Liam taking his "break" in the car :)

"happy 4th of July, now leave me alone!"

 The school meeting was postponed. Liam has been ruminating alot regarding school. So much so that hubs called his Mobile Therapist yesterday and had her come out. She tried like hell to get him to open up. All he would say is, "I don't want to go to school! Too many people! Too loud, too stinky, I am done talking, thats it!" WELL!!!! She thinks we need to consider cyber charter school, as he may not be emotionally ready. I kinda figured that, but hubs really wants him mainstreamed. I understand, but I am not one to push.  So I guess I will start doing some research on cyber schools.
 Next week is our trip to CAR in Philly. Got a massive amount of paperwork in the mail yesterday. I have to fill out the VABS and BRIEF questionnaires before we go. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sick of paperwork, lol. Its for a good cause though. Not only will we be helping research into autism, genetics and social skills, but we will get all the info from the visit for our records. Complete with more recommendations for how to further help Liam. Win win to me!
 I also got an AUSOME email. Lisanne from Rockin' & Ridin' for Autism contacted me about purchasing some Autism paracord bracelets for their non profit group. I was stoked!!! She ordered 10! I have gotten a lot of requests for them as well. Hubs and I are looking into making a bunch, so we can sell them either on our facebook page, or maybe even start and Etsy account. This is great because after we pay for the supplies, the over head can be used to buy Liam therapy items. Another win win for us!
 Thats it, our week in a nutshell. Nothing impressive :) So without further ado, here are my Ryan's.

Can this be a spectator sport????

GAH!!! I belong BEHIND the camera Ryan, NOT in FRONT of it :D

Happy Friday everyone! Make it a great day and great weekend! Stay cool!!!!


  1. We are struggling in the heat as well. KC is an oven right now!!! I'm glad he had fun with the fireworks and school? We are sooooo not ready for school. It feels like we just started with summer but at the same time it feels like we've been hot forever!!!

    1. Yes, Pa is too!!!! Yes, it seems like summer just started, yet I need to think of school. The worrying never ends.... :)