Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Autism and a High Five to the Face!

 Let me start by saying that those of you who know me, or follow my facebook page A Legion for Liam know that for the most part, I am totally Pro Autism. I choose to see the positive side of our life, because I don't have time or energy to let it get me down. Also, Liam is mildly autistic, so it is with greater ease that I can see the positive side. HOWEVER, Autism certainly has a way of sneaking up on us and high fiving us in the faces.
 I have taken a mini break from my blog for the summer. Today I am back, with an autism vengeance! The summer has been going great so far. Less meltdowns, more socialization, LJ is trying new things, its been great, with only a few minor bumps in the road. Until recently. I have seen my son regress when it comes to ruminating. For those that may not know, (I didn't when I was first told the term, I had to look it up, lol) Ruminating is a constant reflection on something. To think it, and think it, and think it, and THINK IT!!! My lil guy is a ruminating king! Lately though, his ruminations are getting the best of him. Though I am usually always open about our life, I am choosing to keep the exact details of these ruminations to myself. Too many people are quick to judge and I don't want my handsome man judged for something he has no control over. I do believe I know the root of the ruminations, and hubs has called the therapy office to up LJ's mobile therapy hours. Hoping this can be fit into her busy schedule as they have this woman all over Timbuktu, I am surprised her head isn't spinning by the end of the day!
 I just wish I knew why Autism thrives on sneaking up on us all and ruining a good run?!?!? Why must my 6 year old be plagued with thoughts that are too much for an adult to handle, let alone a little man? Why him? Why us? I know I will never know, and letting it get me down is like letting it win. So KMA Autism! You will NOT get the best of my son or my family! We are Autism warriors, and be prepared for a fight!!!!!

Taking a stand against Autism and Ruminations!!



  1. Liam and James would get a long so well! They would really understand each other. We also live in the "what if" world over and over. Currently he WILL not let us drive to visit my dad because the last time we did, his ears hurt going over the pass into LA.

  2. nice post,stay strong :)

  3. thank you both. This road we call autism is full of twists and turns, but we refuse to let it get us down :)