Friday, June 15, 2012

Spreading the love for Jackson

  So while I was going thru my news feed, a story caught my eye. The story of young Jackson St. Aubin. A young boy who needs us all to reach out for him. I found his story thanks to Living with Logan. (click here to read that story.)
  Here's the DL~Jackson is 9 and has cerebral palsy, epilepsy (ESES), autism and SPD and will be having major brain surgery on June 29th. I can't imagine what this family is going through. My heart goes out to his momma and daddy, and especially young Jackson.  For more info on Jackson such as updates or to leave the family a note of encouragement, please visit Jackson's Journey. The family is asking that we all send him pictures, cards, banners, poster,s words of encouragement, that the family can use to decorate his room when he is out of ICU. So get with your kiddos, make him something nice and then send it here:

                              Cards/care packages/ letters:
Special Happens / St. Aubin Family
 9609 S. University Blvd., #630303
 Littleton, CO 80163

Jackson LOVES trains. He likes dinosaurs and cop cars (from the 60's and 70's) His fave colors are blue and rainbow :)

  To follow Jackson's Journey on facebook, click here. 
There are also other ways you can help the family, even if you don't live in their area. To the right of their blog, there is an area where you can click to help. You can donate, send a care package, and so on. (If you are interested in doing this, I have a list of his siblings and parents likes, so feel free to contact me at A Legion for Liam
  Another momma is also reaching out to help the family, by selling her beautiful jars. She is calling it, "Jars for Gina." To visit her page, click here.
  Bottom line, this is a 9 year old boy who could use some extra prayers, love and support. So please, open you heart and reach out to this family in need.



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    1. You are so very welcome!!!! My son told me last nite he is gonna make him some pictures, so we will be working on them and mailing them soon :)