Friday, June 8, 2012

Just my humble opinion....

So, yesterday as I was skimming my news feed, I came across this comment: ''I was just recently informed my son may have asperger's. I don't see him being autistic because he's very intelligent & functions properly for the most part aside from his behavioral & anger issues.. I'm so confused. What are the symptoms that stand out the most?''
My jaw dropped! I had to re-read it a few times to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me. I posted it on my page, and I think some may have felt I was a bit harsh about.
First of all, it made me angry because the way this was stated is like saying autistics are not intelligent. Thats a slam on my son, and many other wonderfully intelligent kiddos! When Liam was first diagnosed, I didn't know much about autism, but I sure as heck didn't think the doctor was wrong because he was smart! This is why I started my Legion page. There is not enough Awareness and Autism Education out there, if people still think this way! 
Now, there was a comment made that this momma is seeking more info. I totally get that. I used facebook to reach out to other parents and educate myself as well, BUT I didn't start by saying, "I don't see him being autistic because he's very intelligent & functions properly..." Thats like reaching out to someone, and slapping them in the face. This is JMHO, and I know not everyone will agree with me. I am ok with that. I just have no tolerance for ignorance, and in my opinion, to think your child can't be autistic because he/she is "smart" is just ignorance.
Now that I got that all off my chest, and my panties unbunched :) Let me move on to my Ryan's :D

*Gush* Ryan always has such great ideas :D

Like I said, great ideas! And he can read my mind!!!

What a guy!!

Woo hoo! Good thing, bc if I had to take him, I could not be held responsible for what I may do to that freaky clown!

My boxing gloves are ready Ryan :D

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Make it a great weekend all. 


  1. Regarding the written word: 70% of autistic kids also have ID, which is probably where that mother got her 'impression' that her kiddo couldn't be autistic because he was smart. That said, not knowing WHAT autism was when my daughter was diagnosed meant that whatever impression I'd been given by the media at large was what I "knew". It's up to folks like us to provide her (and others) the support and education they need to 'get it right'. *shrugs*

    That said, we're all passionate about our own children, and any perceived slight or offense is therefore not always responded to DISpassionately. It happens.

    Regarding Ryan:
    1) Funny 'twist'.
    2) Melatonin doesn't work 'fer shit' on Lily. I HATE it. (how's that for a dispassionate response?)
    3) Lily won't wear headphones, Ryan! DAMNIT
    4) What is it with you people and clowns. They need to do a study that shows a causal connection between women who fear clowns and autism. I think it would be eye opening.
    5) Glad you have Ryan in your corner for the IEP fight.

  2. You're right, which is why I started The Legion Facebook page. Trying to get the word out there and educate. Wish media would portray a better picture for ppl to learn about autism....
    Thats too bad Melatonin doesn't work for Lily. It knocks my kiddo out, but there are times it doesn't always work, like if he is super tense and stressed.
    Liam doesn't like headphones either, but trying to find a pair he can tolerate, so we don't have meltdown in the middle of the street would be great!
    I get the clown fear from my mother. I loved clowns when I was little. When I got older, she introduced me to the world of Stephen King, once I saw It and Pennywise the clown, that was "it" for me, lol!
    and yes, this fight with the school is turning out to be a doozy, what joy, lol!

  3. I agree with Jim. The media makes autistics out to be like Rain Man or the Boy Who Could Fly. In fact, when I told my husband I thought something was going on with our son, the first thing Bil said was, "He's so smart. He's not retarded." Now Bil knows different--that autism does not equal unintelligent.

    That said, it would burn me up to read that post too. When people insinuate that Danny is less than intelligent, it makes me stabby.

    1. Yes, and its so sad. Ppl like us need to change the way the media thinks, therefore changing the way others think!

  4. You know, I do have the opposite and my son is VERY low.functioning but we were originally told he couldnt possibly be autistic because he was "too happy". I know better now.

    Good luck prepping for your IEP meeting.

  5. Keep educating and making the world aware. It is sad that these days with so much correct information available, more self education isn't happening.

  6. I've had my panties in a wad about how people will give to other charities but not autism. Being in the "running triathlon" community, it seems everybody i know will race and donate to Livestrong (yes, I'm guilty too!), but not even consider an autism charity. If only we had someone like Lance representing us. Looks like all we're stuck with is naked, bleach promoting Jenny. :(
    It really surprises me that the general public is still ignorant about what autism looks like.

    1. I agree! And poo on Jenny! We need a respectable person to front Autism. To raise awareness, and to raise donations. It is very sad that still so many are clueless about something so important....

  7. Just take a deep breath and keep on dispelling the myths that people perpetuate. And enjoy Ryan...that's a weekly must!!

    1. Thank you, I am trying. It sure is a must. Fridays are the bomb thanx to Ryan :D

  8. Nearly every day is a horrible day full of insults for the parent of a low functioning or severely Autistic kid on facebook. i try to stay away now but one common argument I get in is the HF parents referring to our kids as "retarded" and that their HF or Kids with Aspergers are NOTHING LIKE YOUR KID. and yes they have really said the R word!!! If I ever see one of these people in real life or hear those words from their mouth then I will not hesitate in bashing the crap out of them, pulling their hair out of their head, inflicting every little bit of pain I can in a short period of time! and they will deserve it more than the typical arrogant uneducated parents of a "normal" child!
    Sometimes it has nothing to do with Awareness or Education, sometimes people are just hell bent on making people feel like shit or trying to make themselves seem above everyone else.

    1. I can't say as I disagree, bc ur right, there are awful ppl out there. I know high functioning kiddos, and low functioning kiddos. I love them all. They are each wonderful and unique in their own way <3