Friday, June 29, 2012


 What a week here! Lj has been doing pretty good actually. He has his moments of rumination and small bouts of depression, but otherwise pretty good. He is swimming on his own, with the use of armies, but swimming all the same and we are so proud of him! This weekend we were to attend an overnite ASD camp, but after a few week of strong ruminations about the stay, I emailed them and declined. I feel bad, but I just couldn't put him through that any more, and he has been a lot happier knowing he didn't have to go.
 Earlier in the week I received a comment from someone on my personal page about my son. I posted that I was strong for not punching a PT for telling my son he was bad while he was having a meltdown and someone commented that "he is a brat, and his meltdowns are bullshit!" (sorry, for lack of a better word, I am quoting the comment).
 I went off. First of all, he is my son, and NO ONE talks about him like that except for myself and his father! Secondly, unless you know about Autism, and have seen a melt down first hand, how the hell do you know?!?! This person has witnessed my son in a store throwing a fit over not getting a toy. Yes, bad behavior, HOWEVER, this was the day my son fell into the street, screaming and crying over the noises, this person saw us right after that. Sooooo, when my post read that Liam had a meltdown that day, THATS what I was referring too.
 I know I have nothing to justify to this person. It just burns my ass to hear how someone who has NO idea what MY life is like, say things like that. It was also stated that I baby my son, shelter him, oh and I want attention. Well, I may baby him a bit, he is my only child. I would like to see someone have 7 miscarriages, and NOT baby the miracle they are finally given. As far as sheltering him, we live in a trailer park. Do you know how many kids he plays with on a daily basis? 3-4 on average, some days up to 7 or more. As far as me wanting attention, couldn't be further from the truth. My blog was started so I could vent without annoying the pants off my hubby. A Legion for Liam was started so I could educate others, share my story, and be a part of the best damn circle ever. The autism parents circle! (yeah we ROCK!!!)
 Though my guess is this person will never understand where they were wrong. And yes, I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions. After all, opinions are like assholes, everyone has got one. But like an asshole, they should be kept to yourself. Unless of course you are asked to share. By that, I meant the opinion :)
 The only other thing I have to say, is I hope Karma is not pissed by this person's actions. She has a way of sneaking up on someone and biting one in the ass when they least expect it. Karma is a b!tch!!!

I made this pic in honor of my week:

To liven this blog up, here is a video taken by a friend, of Liam doing his dance. I call it his happy dance :)

On that that note, here are my lovely Ryan's for the week. Enjoy!

Happy Friday to you all. May you all have a wonderful, drama free weekend! And make some time to do a Happy Dance ;)


  1. You know, the reason I started to blog was almost the same as you...I needed a place to go where other people got it. I mean, they really don't understand how much of a hell it can be just to get our son to bed. My family was the worst and I think that hurt the most. Since they don't live it, they don't truly understand. I soooooo know what you are feeling.

    There is no room for someone else judging what we do to sometimes survive and sometimes praise our kids. Our actions may seem excessive but thats what we do to take care of our kids. And the rewards are that much greater, I think anyway. I'm sorry someone said that to you. That was not right on any level. Hugs.

    1. you're right Lizbeth. I believe if faced with Autism in their child, the story would be different. Some day this person will grow up, and their choices and actions regarding their child or their life will be questioned. Maybe then it will be understood why I would be so angry... thank you <3

  2. I knew that Karma was a woman!! I hope you find peace around this situation and can move on from the hurt she has caused you. Just keep watching that wonderful "belly dancing" video and loving on my Liam!!

    1. lol. I think I finally did. We can't make everyone accept our kids, but I can sure as hell try :) And yeah, the belly dancing steals my heart <3