Monday, June 4, 2012

Look Momma! No training Wheels!!!!

Yesterday was a very big day for us!!! LJ rode his bike with no training wheels, ALL by himself. Last year by the end of summer, I took his trainers off, and he was able to ride it, but he would freak out and dump his bike. Thank God we were in the grass!  The other day, he was on his razor scooter, coasting downhill like a big boy! So yesterday hubs says, "Liam, we're gonna take the trainers off your bike, if you can ride a scooter like a big boy, then you can ride a bike like one." Liam was adamant this was not happening. Momma steps in. With a promise of taking him for ice cream today, off the training wheels came. Ahh, the power of positive incentive :) The first 2 times, I held his bike, let go and ran next to him. I was beaming with pride as he rode like a big boy. Then, out of nowhere, he takes off on it, all by himself. No push start from momma, no dumping his bike. He did this quite a few times last nite, each time going a little further. I am now the proud momma of a BIG BOY <3

I don't know what happened to the pics I took???? Never the less, here is a video. You will hear my crazy hubs tell Liam to stand up, and its all over from there. My boy can't do two things at once. Why hubs would say that is beyond me. GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What was he thinking???
Anyway, we still couldn't be more proud of him and all he has accomplished. He has to work a bit harder than some, I guess thats why even the little things are huge in our eyes <3<3<3<3


  1. see what I mean? as soon as daddy said stand up, down he went. My poor boy can't multitask.(Just like his daddy, lol)

  2. Too awesome, we are still working on pedaling with the Monkey. I didn't manage to ride one until I was nine, so I am hoping he can do better! Love these little milestones.

    1. awww, good luck to the Monkey :) Yes, these lil milestones are what we live for <3