Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm flappy and you know it....

 Yesterday, LJ's buddy came over to play. For the first time, I saw my boy flap. His usual stims are spinning, chewing, and vocal. He was so excited his buddy came in to play, he was flapping all over the living room. It was cute, he looked like a lil duck or penguin.
 The older kids don't play with LJ much. He is a very in your face child. He is a non stop talker. He likes to dominate play and direct everyone on how he thinks they should play. He also has a great imagination, and it seems many kids lack this??? Now younger kids, he's great with them, and they love him. He is a bit emotionally immature for 6, but thats ok with me. I am in no hurry for my baby to grow up.
 So his buddy came in to play. It lasted about 30-45 minutes. LJ was a motormouth from Hell. He talked non stop, was in his friend's face, and just off the wall hyper. I wondered how long it would last. Not long, as usual. His friend said he would be back, but hubs and I knew better. Lj is catching on though. He only looked out the front door 3 times, before he said, "He's not coming back is he momma?" I told him no, and quickly diverted his attention with a jello sensory bin.
 Meltdown avoided, go momma!!!! I was very happy that "A" took the time to play with Lj as they have been buds since he was born (only 10 months apart) but "A" is maturing emotionally faster than my boy, so its hard for them to play together now. Being a special needs mom, we learn to find happiness in the little things. For its the little things, that make our days!

Digging in! This is LJ's favorite sensory bin!

Creepy crawlies!!!

LJ loved his blue green "hulk" hands :)

Well, its Friday! It wouldn't be Friday without some Special Need Ryan Gosling pics. Without further ado, here they are :) Enjoy!

Now, as we all know, the Special Needs Ryan Friday was Sunday's idea. She has been under the weather, as is her hubby, so she hasn't been able to take part. Please stop by her blog and show her some love, so she knows we are thinking of her! As for me, I made this Ryan, just for her!!!! <3

I love summer!!!! Swimming, cookouts, "schmaws" (smores in LJ speak) The best part, swimming tires my boy right out!!!

As always Ryan, you have the best ideas!!!!!!! 

Have a great weekend all. Stay cool and enjoy summer!


  1. I have my kids close in age an it's strange (for lack of a better way to say it) that my younger child is developing/emotionally maturing faster than my son.

    Our boys sound a lot alike and we've lost many a kid friend when he tries to take over the play and dominate. He's starting to understand...the good news is his sister is pretty upfront in telling him what is going on and I can see him trying to adapt because of it. :)

    1. thats great! My son has older half sibs, like 10 year and 14 yr age difference, so they kinda do what he wants. He is getting better since he started Stepping Stones (it helps him socialize and learn how to play with others)

  2. I had to chuckle reading the first part of this post - my son's main stim is flapping and we have always said he waddles about like a penguin! Bless LJ, he sounds wonderful. So glad I found your blog :)

    Hannah x

    1. aww, thank you! Yes, it is adorable when they flap! Glad u found my blog as well <3

  3. I some times think my son might take off we call it the humming bird its up on the toes jumping and flapping ! LOL