Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Eval, Sensory Overload and The Legion

Well, yesterday was Liam's 6 month Eval. Guess what????? He STILL has autism!!! Can you believe that Jenny McCarthy???? The diet change, the trial meds, the herbal meds, the therapy, and he's not CURED. WTH!!!!! (sorry, thats my slam against Miss perdy playboy bunny) All kidding aside, the eval went well. Liam spun in the chair most of the time, SHOCKER!!!! Really the only change we have seen is he is more social, as long as its small groups or one on one, and less meltdowns. He still has them, but I am not the wounded soldier I once was, from battling my son.
 After his eval, we headed back home with a few stops to make. In town we had to drop off some papers, and then I needed to stop at the craft store. They are pretty close, and since it was nice out, I decided he and I would walk. (Trust me, I can use the exercise :D) So we start walking down the side walk. Liam is pulling away from me, telling me to stop. I have to tighten my grip because he has been known to run into traffic. (of course I didn't have his restraint with me, wth was I thinking????) We get to the cross walk and he begins to fight me. "Please momma, don't make me go." He had no choice, traffic was stopped, waiting for us to move our keisters outta the way! He got behind me, latched on, and we started to make our way across the street. About 2/3 of the way there, he lets go. I panic and turn. Down he goes, hands over his ears, screaming and crying. I bend to scoop him up. Baring my butt crack for half of the town to see, I get him in my arms and rush him to the side walk. I set him down, wrap my arms around him and SQUEEZE!!!!! It all happened in slow motion, and I was so unaware of anything but the two of us. I kneeled there, face burried in his chest and sobbed. Thankful no one jumped the gun and hit us, thankful he was okay, and thankful he didn't take off. I dried my eyes, and told him he scared momma, and can't do that. His reply, "it hurt so bad momma, I had too!" Ugh!!! I felt like crap. He has small DJ head phones for things like this, but he refuses to wear them. They fall off his head, and are more of a hinder than a help. He hates the ear bud headphones, so he won't use them. Guess hubs and I need to buy him a different pair of DJ style because I do NOT want this to happen again.
Now that I vented, want to hear some good news??? I am having my first Give Away. The 500th person to LIKE A Legion for Liam will win a hand made Autism Awareness Paracord key chain. As well as the person who sent them my way. How to win???? SHARE my page, tell your family and friends to give me a LIKE, and TELL ME YOU SENT THEM. You could be the lucky winner!!!!! (I am sorry, but this contest is only open to individuals because Facebook does NOT count other page Likes, so I have no way of knowing if a group is LIKE number 500) So SHARE, SHARE, SHARE, and LIKE, LIKE, LIKE, and you could be the lucky winner.


  1. Walking with James anywhere is always an experience. It can be along going great until BAM it isn't and he is gone or down or running screaming. I am so glad you made it across the street!

  2. yes, i think thats my biggest problem with autism, its so unpredictable! I am very thankful I was able to get him across, with only a flash of butt crack, and no injuries to us, lol!

  3. We bought the XCaliber Jr. noise reduction headphones. They are industrial grade and are fitted just right for little heads. They are much more comfy than others we have tried. We bought them from Amazon for under twenty bucks. I hope that helps...

    1. Oh thats ausome!!! Thank you! I will def look into them! :)