Friday, May 4, 2012

Orbeez are AUSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  I can't tell you how many therapy boards on Pinterest show kiddos playing with water beads! My son was given about 5 of them from someone before, and he LOVED them. It was the owner in some mom and pop store, and I had no way of knowing where they got them, just that WE wanted some. Just last week LJ was online "shopping" for birthday ideas, at his favorite, WALLY WORLD!!!! HE stumbled upon Orbeez. "Momma, momma, I want these, look I want these!!!!" So, I had to check them out. Low and behold, LJ found water beads!!!!
  If you have never seen or used Orbeez, then you are missing out and I must explain them. They are like a mini science experiment, and therapy fun, all rolled into a tiny water filled bead!! They are as I say in this title, AUSOME!!!!
  Orbeez were originally developed by the agricultural industry to help maintain water in plant soil in times of drought. Orbeez are superabsorbent polymers—that means they are made of several smaller molecules joined together. With the addition of water they can grow to more than 100 times their volume. That’s right, place a tiny Orbeez bead in water and watch it swell! The water is absorbed into the spaces between the molecules. These polymers were invented for agricultural use back in the 1960s to irrigate crops during times of drought. Today you will find superabsorbent polymers in diapers to prevent leaks, in food packages to absorb liquid and in floral vases to hydrate cut flowers. What is even cooler is, as you are growing them, they look all bumpy, so you can actually see the water being absorbed between the molecules. 

This is how they look sans water.........

 After soaking for 4 hours.....

 They look awesome with the flash on :)

Trying to pop one. They will pop, and the bigger you let them get, the easier they will pop....

He was obsessed with this one because it looked like a tear.

He had to see how they felt on his feet!

He let me mix the Blue and Teal ones, I was surprised!

 And the orange ones....

 He got out his measuring cups and spoons that he uses in his water bins, and he went to town. He plays with these, EVERYDAY, and absolutely LOVES them! I have to admit, they are addicting to feel.Even Lj's TSS agrees :)

We found these at Wally World for $5.88 for a box of 1,000 Orbeez in 3 colors. You can find them at Kmart, Toys R Us, and Target as well. Bottom line, go get some, your kiddo will LOVE them. LJ wants to buy enough to fill his wading pool! That would be AUSOME!!!


  1. will this be a good idea? to do as a science experiment?

    1. sure, right after u add the water, u can see them start to expand, as the molecules spread. they look pretty darn cool! putting them under a microscope might be cool too :)