Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Momma's Day~It BETTER be!!! :)

Happy Momma's Day to all you AUSOME momma's out there! I am hoping for a nice, relaxing day. I did say hoping right???? We are off to visit hubs this afternoon. I am NOT looking forward to 4 hours in a car, but I am eager to see him and see that he is well. I am still exhausted with a minor headache from yesterday, and I hope to feel better soon. (Allergies are NOT helping the situation.) On the bright side, CYS and or the cops were not called after Liam's meltdown outside last nite. See, miracles do happen :D Day 5 without his daddy home was really starting to get to him. He was very aggressive yesterday, and becoming more combatant as the  day progressed. After playing all day, and spending time with friends, at 730 last nite, I told him we had to go home for the nite. That was the straw that broke that damn proverbial camel's back. All hell broke loose. I had to pull him from the car. (yes, I said pull him. If I left him in there he would have taken off, and then the authorities would def have been called.) I hoisted him (all 60 heavy pounds) over my shoulder, kicking and screaming (him, not me :)) and managed to get him inside. All the while he was screaming, "SPIN, SPIN, SPIN." So I put him on the recliner to drag his spinny chair over, and off he went. Out the door, across the yard. He wrapped himself around the shepard's hook his bird feeders are on. I counted to 3, bent to untangle him, and instead, he threw himself backward, slamming his head off the ground. NICE!!!! Hope the neighbors saw that, and didn't think I shoved him. (Never know, small town, and they all THINK they know your story, and how it happened, yet somehow its NEVER how you KNOW it happened!) I managed to get him up, back over my shoulder, and into the house. I took many punches, a few kicks, almost lost some teeth (guess I could have used the extra money from the tooth fairy)but he was in the house once again. I locked BOTH doors, put him on his spinny chair, and spun him for 30 minutes til he calmed down. I was WHOOPED!!!!! He was too, as he was asleep not 10 minutes later. I wish I had been. Meltdowns just leave me feeling so, I don't know, emotionally pissed, I guess is how I want to say it. Pissed because he can't help it. Pissed because I can't help him. Pissed because it hurts us both. Pissed because Autism ultimately rules our lives. Now, I am not trying to be a downer here. I am a very positive person. However I would be lying if I didn't admit some aspects of Autism totally suck. You'd be lying too if you didn't admit it.....

Never the less, today is a new day! A sunny day. And come hell or high water, it will be a happy day!!!! :D
I hope you all have a WONDERFUL, tantrum/meltdown free Momma's day. Much love to you all <3


  1. SOOOO sorry that yesterday was rough! The thing that used to get me the most about these EPIC meltdowns, besides the headbutts, was that James would snap out of it as fast as he would snap into it. One second he was screaming and he next he was perfectly calm looking at the ladybug on the leaf. Weird world we live in with our Ausome kids! Have a great Mother's Day!!

    1. yes, these kiddos are def puzzling! Guess thats what makes them so special :) Thank you! U have a great Mother's day as well!